All Praise Sweet Potato Butter

Courtesy of Cunningham Farms

Handmade in Tennessee, Cunningham Farms’ Sweet Potato Butter is heaven in a jar

Not many people in Hancock County, Tennessee, can tell you the exact origin of sweet potato butter, but rest assured they can tell you what it tastes like. And thanks to Schuyler Cunningham, of Cunningham Farms, this longtime regional favorite won’t be lost to history any time soon. Sweet but not too sweet, the satiny butter is made with organic sweet potatoes, apple cider, cinnamon, and cloves—no cows involved. Locals have been known to use it on everything from pork chops to oatmeal to ice cream. But it’s great just slathered on a biscuit, too. And, best of all, now even those outside of county lines can get their fix.

Cunningham, 28, first became hooked on the butter through his wife’s parents, who annually sent him a box of products made by local farmers. “One Christmas, there was no sweet potato butter in the box,” Cunningham recalls. “The man had stopped making it. I couldn’t imagine life without my sweet potato butter.” So he took matters into his own hands, buying the farmer’s recipe and cajoling two friends from church into joining his new venture. Last year, the team produced 2,500 jars. Cunningham can't say for sure how many generations the recipe goes back. “But when we give it to locals, they say, ‘Yup, that’s it.’”