Easy Rider

(Photo courtesy of Silver Tears Campers)

A Virginia man updates the classic teardrop camper

Let us now praise the teardrop trailer. These models of travel efficiency, which provide a soft place to rest your road-weary body and a small galley for a hot breakfast, gained a loyal following in the ‘40s and ‘50s before getting run over by a fleet of bigger-is-better campers and RVs. But the stylish teardrops have been making a comeback in recent years, especially out West, and they’ve now made their way South thanks to John Davis, a furniture designer and woodworker in Roanoke, Virginia.

Davis built his first teardrop for personal use while camping. “I just got tired of sleeping on the ground, really,” he says. The trailer’s low maintenance and light footprint soon made him a teardrop devotee. So was born Silver Tears Campers and “the Woodie,” Davis’s updated version of the venerable teardrop design. The Woodie incorporates all the classic teardrop features, from its compact size to the open galley in back, along with some elegant updates, including a mahogany and ash exterior, recessed lighting, and a slew of options for customization. No, you can’t stand up in one, but that’s kind of the point. “If you’re going to go camping, the idea is to get back in touch with nature,” Davis says. “So it just never made any sense to me to take a huge fifty-foot RV back into the woods.”