Great Escape

by Haskell Harris - Georgia - Dec 09/Jan 2010

Interior designer Suzanne Kasler's new family room in Georgia is a welcome retreat from the demands of her booming business

Photo by Emily Followill

Atlanta interior designer Suzanne Kasler is juggling a lot these days, including a recently released book, Inspired Interiors, new furniture and fabric collections, and a mammoth list of Southern clients from Tennessee to Florida who won’t touch a room without her advice. Thankfully, Kasler has found a favorite spot to relax—the recently finished family room inside the Buckhead house that she shares with her husband and daughter.

Like a lot of architecture in great Southern homes, Kasler’s family room, which leads out onto an idyllic loggia and lawn, is tied closely to the outdoors. “I love being in a room that connects to so many others and the openness of the space,” she says.

The first thing Kasler did to the room was add structure, re-creating a simplified version of a ceiling she had seen in France, installing an over-scale chandelier to draw attention to it, and building a massive limestone fireplace to anchor it all. But Kasler also focused on comfort. She painted everything a warm white, added plush but practical slip-covered linen sofas, and folded in rich textures, such as the rugged cowhide on the ottoman and the soft orange leather on the antique armchair she found at a flea market in Paris—just the type of seat that’s perfect for kicking back in after a long day.