Peter Frank Edwards

Get to Know These Southern Artisan Cheeses

Kathleen Cotter, owner of the Bloomy Rind, an artisan cheese stand in Nashville, Tennessee, knows her curds. And, as you may have guessed, she's partial to Southern ones. She has selected ten of her current favorites. Check out her picks to create the ultimate Southern cheese plate.

Blackberry Farm
Walland, Tennessee
“Fresh sheep’s milk cheese. Luscious, rich, a little tart. Easily lends itself to both the sweet (on toast with preserves for breakfast or even made into a cheesecake) and the savory (a new way to dress up a BLT).”

Alberene Ash
Caromont Farm
Esmont, Virginia
“Rustic goat cheese pyramid with an ash line through the middle and a rind of ambient blue molds. Creamy texture with a slight citrus and grass taste and a little blue cheese kick.”

Looking Glass Creamery
Fairview, North Carolina
“Surface ripened, ashed pyramid of goat cheese with a clean milky flavor. The texture is dense and fudge-like in the center with a soft, gooey creamline and the soft, white rind.”

Green Hill
Sweet Grass Dairy
Thomasville, Georgia
“Camembert-style cow’s milk cheese. A little round o’ buttery heaven. Serving tip: Heat it up until it’s oozing out of its rind and top with some homemade peach preserves.”

Capriole Farmstead Goat Cheeses
Greenville, Indiana
“A lovely round of chevre wrapped in Woodford Reserve-soaked chestnut leaves. A Southern take on a classic French cheese.”

Tanasi Tomme
Bonnie Blue Farm
Waynesboro, Tennessee
“Award-winning aged, semi-firm goat’s milk tomme. Cheesemaker Gayle Tanner is the goat cheese whisperer in my humble opinion, so you’ll be a happy camper with any of her cheese. I picked this one because I love that she’s doing aged cheeses, and this Tomme is tops.”

Clingman’s Tomme
Locust Grove Farm
Knoxville, Tennessee
“A new washed rind sheep’s milk cheese from Locust Grove. The flavors of this cheese range from nutty and salty to faint pineapple sweetness with a semi-firm and slightly dry texture.”

Sequatchie Cove Creamery
Sequatchie, Tennessee
“Washed rind semi-soft cow’s milk cheese. It has a creamy texture with notes of nuts, egg, and onion with a sassy, pungent rind.”

Thunder Mountain Swiss
Chapel Hill Creamery
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
“A beautifully aged Swiss, complete with those little crystals we love. Rich, golden yellow hue from all those grazing on green pasture.”

Black Mountain Blue
Spinning Spider Creamery
Marshall, North Carolina
“A rowdy, spicy goat’s milk blue.  This cheese couldn’t sneak up on you if it tried—you will always know it’s there!”