Southern Summer Escapes

Rob Howard
June/July 2013

Twenty-five getaways, small towns, hidden beaches, and back road adventures

Shoot skeet over the ocean at an offshore hotel. Paddle downriver to a
 hidden tree house. Take in bird dog trials and a pint of Guinness in the English countryside. 
Our travel guide is packed with fourteen unforgettable adventures—one for each weekend from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Plus: Southern beaches, warm-weather towns, and one very special tourist trap. Start packing

1. Offshore Escape: Frying Pan Tower

2. Lowcountry Hospitality: Pelican Inn

3. Barbecue 101: Pork U

4. Heart of the Keys: Moorings Village and Spa

5. Treetop Hideaway: Edisto River Tree Houses

6. Farm Stay: Serenbe

7. Folk School: Festival of Learnshops

8. Country Pursuit: CLA Game Fair

9. Mountain Jam: FloydFest

10. Private Island: North Beach

11. Shotgun Camp: Sea Island Shooting School

12. Hill Country Outpost: Sinya on Lone Man Creek

13. Handmade Holiday: Alabama Chanin's Studio Weekend Workshop

14. Delta Blues Reunion: Otha Turner Family Picnic



By Charles Bethea, Monte Burke, Chris Dixon, Vanessa Gregory, Mike Grudowski, Elizabeth Hutchison, John Kessler, 
Jed Portman, Hanna Raskin, Jamie Rich, and Steve Russell