The Southerner's Handbook

Clint Hansen
February/March 2013

Southern know-how, tips, and tricks for living the good life

There's more to being Southern than just living below the Mason-Dixon. It takes some know-how. From throwing a crawfish boil to betting on a horse at the Derby to, yes, even whipping up a stiff drink, we've rounded up the experts and put together a list of tips, tricks, and secrets to help make sure you're up to speed.

Homegrown Wisdom: A few words on Southern Ingenuity by Guy Martin

- Make Devilish Deviled Eggs
- Fry Chicken Skins
- Go Whole Hog by Jack Hitt
- Pickle Anything
- Boil Peanuts

- Drink with Style by Jonathan Miles
- Make Your Own BBQ Bitters
- Mix a Stiff Punch
- Raise Your (Home) Bar

- Take Your Best Shot by David E. Petzal
- Grab a Frog Like a Cajun
- Bet on the Kentucky Derby
- Find a Brook Trout Hole

- Tell a Great Story by Roy Blount, Jr.
- Throw a Crawfish Boil
- Pick a Southern Paint
- Find the Good Stuff
- Build a Library

- Mind Your Manners by Guy Martin
- Master the Pocket Square
- Wear White Bucks
- How to Accessorize

Contributors: Monte Burke, Jenny Everett, Elizabeth Hutchison, John Kessler, Jessica Mischner, T. Edward Nickens, Jed Portman, M.K. Quinlan, and Hanna Raskin

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