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Easy Does It

The season’s rich florals and velvets look right at home amid the spellbinding charms of New Orleans


Farm-to-Fashion Indigo

Designer Leigh Magar dreams up a line of apparel and home goods steeped in the indigo culture of the Lowcountry

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New Suede Shoes

A stylish collaboration straddles the line between classic and contemporary

Southern Style

A Cut Above

Heritage brands may be all the rage now, but Hamilton has been handcrafting iconic dress shirts for four generations


A Red Hot Southerner Returns Home

Tastemaker Taylor Tomasi Hill takes the style reins at a world-class Dallas boutique

Southern Style

Top Hats for the Kentucky Derby

G&G Debuts the 2017 Derby Collection

Southern Style

New Gear for the New Year

Cheers to getting out there and looking good doing it—even if that just means walking your Boykin

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Southern Style

Time to Shine

All things pearlescent are in season, from timepieces to jewelry to accessories for the home—and even for the bar

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Surcees: A Southern Gift Tradition

Elevate your wrapping routine

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A Festive Southern Stocking Stuffer

Sometimes all you need to top off a classic holiday look is a fun accessory


Arts & Culture

Jewelry That Really Makes a Statement

In the Southern spirit of lifting others up during times of hardship, Atlanta native Brittany Merrill Underwood started Akola Project