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Before and After: Forlorn Cabin to Elegant Hunt Camp

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorMay 14, 2015

Houses with soul and history rank high on our list of reasons to love living in the South. And it’s always heartening to see a property in need of a revival loved back to life in a way that feels authentic to the place where it sits.

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Stylish New Ways to Celebrate the Southern Magnolia

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorMay 8, 2015

Few things bring to mind the quintessential Southern landscape more than majestic Magnolia trees and the dinner-plate-sized blooms that decorate their branches when warm weather arrives. It’s no wonder the magnolia’s intoxicating beauty has designers smitten. Below, you’ll find five of our favorite new magnolia-inspired items, from a brand new chandelier to a floral ensemble created for the new label Draper James by actress Reese Witherspoon, a steel magnolia in her own right.

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Throw a Knockout Kentucky Derby Party

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorApril 27, 2015

Thanks to a little inspiration from Austin blogger, author, and entertaining expert Camille Styles, you don’t have to attend the Kentucky Derby to celebrate the event with style.

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How to Choose the Perfect Derby Hat

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorApril 13, 2015

As Southerners, we owe a lot to the United Kingdom, including but not limited to a shared love of bespoke millinery and the pageantry of all things equestrian. As we turn our attention from one grand Southern sporting tradition (the Masters) to another (the Derby), we reached out to one of England’s—and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s—favorite milliners, Gina Foster, for advice on choosing the perfect hat for Churchill Downs or any occasion on your social calendar.

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Committed to Memory: Southern Engraving Traditions

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorApril 6, 2015

Chances are good that if you look closely at any Southerner’s sideboard, bookshelf, or jewelry box, you’ll find an engraved item on display. The pieces are nostalgic, marking life events and family traditions. But they’re also refreshing in the digital age—a memory made permanent with a visit to a jewelry shop that’s likely always been the go-to for a particular Southern city or town. (Here in Charleston, there are many, but Corkie Harden at Croghan’s Jewelry is legendary.) And behind those delicate etchings, you’ll also find something else that's very Southern: A good story. In that spirit, we asked several Garden & Gun staffers to share the ones behind their favorite engraved pieces.

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The Southern Cupboard: Vintage Deviled Egg Plates

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorMarch 30, 2015

Deviled egg plates, like hardworking biscuit cutters or tall, skinny sweet tea spoons, are on the short list of purposeful epicurean items every Southerner should own. And that’s likely because they come in handy often, especially this time of year, a season in the South that calls for alfresco entertaining of every sort, from Easter picnics to porch parties. Sure, there are plenty of new versions out there, but some of the most compelling are vintage. Bonus: These older options are affordable on sites such as Etsy and are as fun to collect as they are to give as thoughtful wedding and housewarming gifts.

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Go Green: Dodie Thayer Lettuce Ware for Tory Burch

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorMarch 17, 2015

Spring 2015 is off to a fresh—and very green—start with the highly anticipated release of the collaboration between designer Tory Burch and legendary Palm Beach ceramicist Dodie Thayer. Thayer, a self-taught artist who began selling her lettuce ware pieces in the 1960s, is one of the most highly collected artisans in America, thanks to patronage from the stylish likes of Brook Astor, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and C.Z. Guest.

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The Global South: The Women Behind Dira

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorMarch 16, 2015

Garden & Gun champions Southern artisans and entrepreneurial efforts here in Dixie, but we also look to Southerners who support the ideals of craftsmanship outside the South, too. Which makes sense, considering that our region wouldn’t be the wonderful, exotic melting pot that is today without the influence of cultures from around the world.

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Bright Spot: A Sneak Peek of Susan Hable's New Book on Color

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorMarch 9, 2015

From Thomas Jefferson’s bright yellow dining room at Monticello to Lily Pulitzer’s first sunny shift dresses in Palm Beach, confidence with color comes naturally to Southerners.

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About Face: Emily Leonard Portraits

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorMarch 2, 2015

Portraiture has always held an important place in Southern culture. The carefully rendered images serve as much more than decoration; they are records of family, history, and the personalities that have shaped generations. And Nashville’s Emily Leonard is proving that the familiar, high-traditional oil portrait isn’t the only way to document a familiar face.

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