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Social Media, Southern Style: Local Milk

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorJanuary 13, 2015

It’s fitting that Southerners have taken to social media; we’re naturally sociable folks who never meet strangers. We can—and frequently do—talk to anybody, swapping recipes, style resources, what-have-you. So it’s not a particularly big leap from that sort of socializing to scrolling through beautiful photography and inspiring ideas dreamed up by friends online. In that spirit, we're introducing you to some of our favorite Southerners in the social sphere this month.

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A Southern Stationery Wardrobe

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorDecember 16, 2014

Southerners know that sending a thoughtful letter, an appreciative thank you note, or quick message of support or encouragement is often one of the best gifts you can give—any time of year. 

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Artful Ornaments

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorDecember 8, 2014

The art of glass blowing may be ancient, but in the hands of talented Southern makers, the results are decidedly modern. Swirls embedded in the globes from Rose Tree Glass Studio in Louisiana resemble ribbon candy. Other motifs, like those seen in work by Loretta Eby in Georgia, are more abstract. And the pieces by Orbix Hot Glass in Alabama feature a beautiful quilted texture.

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Southern Magnolia Garland: 3 Easy Ways

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorDecember 1, 2014

Magnolia garland is beautiful all by itself, whether you hang it around a front door or drape it across a mantle. But adding a little embellishment sets off all that shiny, lush greenery even more. Here are three easy additions (we ordered our garland from North Carolina’s Weston Farms) that are a cinch to create.

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Christmas in New York, Southern Style

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorNovember 25, 2014

It’s been said that Southerners are natural-born entertainers with a flair for drama, but Arkansas native and event designer Bronson van Wyck takes that notion to a whole other level. van Wyck is partner in Van Wyck & Van Wyck alongside mother Mary Lynn and sister Mimi. Over the years, the firm has dreamed up soirees for the likes of, among others, United States presidents Bush, Clinton, and Obama, Hugh Jackman, Martha Stewart, Lauren Santo Domingo, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, and Beyonce.

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The Global South: Courtney Barton of Mela & Roam

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorNovember 17, 2014

Designer Courtney Barton didn’t expect to find herself chatting about her home state of Louisiana during a visit to the castle of the Maharaja in Udaipur, India, in the middle of the Holi Festival. “I struck up a conversation with the Maharaja’s daughter, the Princess, who was my age, and she was peppering me with questions about whether or not I was in shock from all the colors, people, food, and smells in India,” Barton remembers. “And I laughed and told her I was right at home because I grew up in Louisiana and India is like the Louisiana of the East—it’s also a culture based on food, family, and celebration. She laughed and told me she couldn’t agree with me more because she went to school at Tulane! It’s a small, small world when you make connections like that.”

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Holiday Prep: Southern Centerpieces 3 Ways

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorNovember 10, 2014

With Thanksgiving just a few short weeks away (and menu planning already well underway), we asked a few of the South’s best event and floral designers to dream up fall centerpieces that were distinctly Dixie, from the containers used to the ingredients selected for each.

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Coastal Quilts

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorNovember 3, 2014

For designer Emily Fischer of Brooklyn, New York-based Haptic Lab, creating a collection of quilts inspired by various coastlines is as much about conservation as it is style. “Our Coastal Quilt Project is meant to explore coastal fragility on a global level, by creating snapshots of iconic areas before they change beyond recognition. It’s my hope that our great-grandchildren can use these quilts to remember what once was,” says Fischer.

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High Points from High Point

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorOctober 27, 2014

Last week, designers, manufacturers, and retailers from around the world descended on tiny High Point, North Carolina, for the furniture market that’s held bi-annually in the Old North State. In addition to introductions of new wares by young Southern entrepreneurs and bold-faced name Southern interior designers, we also spotted a few distinct and very Southern trends. Here’s our report on what you can expect to see all the best-dressed homes wearing next year.

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Party Season Prep: The Perfect Hostess Gift

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorOctober 20, 2014

Nine years ago, Robbie and Angie Cook launched Hester & Cook, a collection of tabletop, kitchen, and home goods out of Nashville, Tennessee. Their products take cues from Southern epicurean accoutrement of the past, from sets of salvaged silver-plate serving utensils—much of it sourced from estate sales across the United States—to paper placemats emblazoned with vintage botanical drawings and custom-commissioned illustrations that double as art for the table.

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