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A New Twist on the Tailgate

By M.K. QuinlanBelle DecorAugust 28, 2013

After a successful career in financial services, Roque Castro never thought he’d wind up back in his hometown of Culpeper, Virginia. But in 2010, he and his wife took a leap of faith and moved to the country, carrying with them big dreams of running a small business. The result is Yesterday Reclaimed, a salvage furniture company that’s getting attention for its unique tailgate benches

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Heirloom Obsession: the Brass Bed

By M.K. QuinlanBelle DecorAugust 2, 2013

Say the words “brass bed” to anyone over the age of thirty and they’ll start singing the lyrics to Bob Dylan’s “Lay Lady Lay.” That includes Pat Hudgins. “It was 1974 and I was a beat up road hippie looking to settle down and get a job. That song had made brass beds the rage for the last several years, so a buddy and I started refinishing antique brass beds and selling them.”

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Profile: Ledbury Made in the South Award Runner-Up

By Blake WelchBelle DecorJuly 25, 2013

Paul Trible and Paul Watson, co-founders of the Virginia shirt-making company Ledbury, weren’t planning on careers in the fashion industry. In fact, both hold masters degrees in business from Oxford University. But after the market crash of 2008 derailed their finance jobs, the former classmates decided to focus on their passion for high-quality tailoring and menswear instead. After honing their skills under the tutelage of master craftsmen in Europe, they brought their efforts stateside to Richmond. Two years later, in 2011, they earned a spot in our Made in the South Awards for their Free Union Belt.

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Heirloom Obsession: Fiestaware

By M.K. QuinlanBelle DecorJuly 19, 2013

My husband and I recently purchased a home in Charleston, South Carolina and while packing up my kitchen, I realized how worn out my everyday china was. Mom knows I’ve always loved the colors and shapes of retro kitchen accoutrements, so she suggested I replace my old set with some vintage Fiestaware.

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A Word from Past Made in the South Winners

By Elizabeth HutchisonBelle DecorJuly 18, 2013

There are only 2 WEEKS left to enter the 2013 Made in the South Awards, and we want you! Remember, the rules are simple: The awards are open to any Southern craftsman or business with a Southern-made product that will be available through January 2014 and falls into one of five categories—Food, Drink, Style and Design, Outdoors, and Home.

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Red, White, and Blue Berries

By The EditorsBelle DecorJuly 3, 2013

Dress up the dessert table at your backyard barbecue this Fourth of July with these patriotic strawberries. After all, if there’s any holiday where it’s okay (no, encouraged) to go a little overboard with the festive flair it’s the Fourth. Plus, this easy recipe is a great way to use up those extra strawberries in the fridge. We think they’d top a shortcake pretty nicely too

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Style Profile: Cresta Bledsoe Jewelry

By M.K. QuinlanBelle DecorJune 17, 2013

Shells, sand dollars, sea glass—these are things most of us scavenge for during summer beach vacations. But if you’ve spent any time exploring Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, you probably have more than a few fossilized sharks' teeth to your name

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High-Style in Cashiers, North Carolina

By M.K. QuinlanBelle DecorJune 5, 2013

If the summer heat has you running for the hills, make a pit stop in Cashiers, North Carolina to swing by Keven Hawkins. Nestled in the heart of town, this new shop offers a mix of indoor and outdoor home essentials, hand-picked by local architect and designer Keven Hawkins.

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Barrier Island Wreaths

By M.K. QuinlanBelle DecorMay 30, 2013

When Rick McBride says he stumbled into art eight years ago, he means that literally. A sixty-five year-old house painter who works primarily on historic properties on Georgia’s Cumberland and Ossabaw Islands, McBride collects objects that he discovers in the creek beds and on the roads that he strolls after work: old fishing lures, deer antlers, boar tusks, shell casings, and drift wood, to name a few. When his wife mentioned that she wanted something decorative for their front door, McBride applied his souvenirs to a round wooden template and threw it up on a nail

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W&P Cocktail Kit: The results are in...

By M.K. QuinlanBelle DecorMay 28, 2013

We knew we’d have a lot of interest in the caption contest for the W&P Cocktail Kit, but we could never have predicted we’d receive over five hundred entries. G&G readers sure do love their portable bar tools—either that, or the dog and Dickel photo proved irresistible.  Needless to say, your entries made for an extra-funny last few days at the office.

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