Belle Decor

Blenko's Mid-Century Lamps

By M.K. QuinlanDecember 18, 2012

For those of you who already know Blenko, it will come as no shock that we are fans of theirs here at G&G. A Southern, family-owned company since 1893 does not go unnoticed in this office. Especially when they make products as timeless as Blenko. Their iconic water bottle—simple and utilitarian— has been gracing dining tables across the U.S. for over 75 years.

This past fall, in partnership with Rejuvenations—a reproduction lighting manufacturer out of Portland, Oregon— Blenko has reintroduced a line of their original mid-century lamps, hand-blown by a team of artisans the same way they were over 50 years ago in the company's Milton, West Virginia, workshop. Like the water bottle, and similar to most decorative objects from the mid-century period, the lamps’ straightforward design transcends time, making it a classic not just for baby boomers, but for generations to come.


Visit Blenko for more information about the companies products and history. Visit Rejuvenations to purchase a lamp, or to peruse their extensive line of period reproduction lighting and homewares.