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First Listen: Feufollet’s "Red Light"

By David ThierSouthern SoundsMarch 3, 2015

Feufollet is Cajun French for the mysterious flickering lights that you can see dancing over the Louisiana swamps on the right night — “crazy fire.” Appropriate, since there’s something unknowable about the band: an indie rock Cajun group, with generations of inherited talent swirling around its young members. They’ve been together since founding members Chris Stafford and Chris Segura were just 12 years old, and in that time they’ve gone from being those kids that play the dance hall classics to something entirely their own—and they’ve even been nominated for a Grammy.

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Boudin: A Taste of Cajun Country

By David ThierGood EatsNovember 18, 2014

Whether eaten sitting on the hood or sucked out of its casing while searching for some easy-to-miss dirt road, the best accessory for boudin is a car. Often purchased from a convenience store, an over-air conditioned family-run butcher shop, or gas station, the French-named seasoned pork and rice sausage occasionally makes its way to upscale restaurants all over the country, but it’s still rare to see it outside of Louisiana, and preeminent American food writer Calvin Trillin has a notion why:

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First Listen: Sons of Bill's 'Love and Logic'

By David ThierSouthern SoundsSeptember 23, 2014

They’re called the Sons of Bill, because that’s what they are: Abe, James, and Sam Wilson, the three sons of William Wilson, a Professor Emeritus of Literature and Theology at the University of Virginia. The Charlottesville, Virginia-based band, made up of the Wilson brothers, Seth Green, and Todd Wellons, formed in 2005, but started getting national and international attention with their 2012 album, Sirens

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NOLA's Dat Dog

By David ThierGood EatsJune 7, 2013

For the past two years or so, New Orleans has been gripped by hot dog fever, thanks largely to one expanding Crescent City wiener empire. 

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What We're Listening to: Sons of Bill

By David ThierSouthern SoundsFebruary 4, 2013

I first heard James Wilson on a burned CD that a friend of his gave me. I found one track, right at the end, “Savannah Rain.” It was a punishing song, small and sad with a rising, strained chorus that somehow made me romanticize long drives on the Savannah city limits even more than I already did. It was one of those times when you feel embarrassed for feeling like it’s about you, but you feel that way just the same

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Louisiana's Popcorn Rice

By David ThierGood EatsDecember 20, 2012

You can tell a good grain by its smell. The flavors in something so basic are subtle enough that that they travel the air better than the tongue. There’s no mistaking popcorn rice. The gourmet would say that popcorn rice has a strong, nutty aroma almost like basmati or jasmine. Someone else would say that, yeah, it definitely smells like popcorn.

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