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Feed Your Inner Artist at Penland

By Elizabeth HutchisonBelow the LineOctober 23, 2014

Whether you paint, sculpt, or write, there are some day-to-day distractions even a good pair of headphones and a playlist can’t block out. But at the Penland School of Crafts, situated on 400 pristine Blue Ridge acres in Bakersville, North Carolina, just an hour’s drive northeast of Asheville, you’ll find a quiet haven for makers. (Not a grocery list or laundry hamper in sight.) Penland has been educating and inspiring would-be craftsmen and professional artists for the last eighty-five years. And beginning this winter, it will host its first winter residency program, opening up studios to aspiring or established artists for short term stays during the school’s slow season, between January 11 and February 7.

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Casting Against Cancer

By Elizabeth HutchisonThe Sporting SouthOctober 16, 2014

What do fly-fishing and breast cancer have to do with one another? For Dr. Benita Walton, a breast reconstructive surgeon and avid angler, the rhythmic overhand motion of casting seemed similar to the exercises she was prescribing patients after surgery and radiation. As she pondered the connection, she realized that, combined with the meditative nature of the sport, a weekend spent on the water alongside other women experiencing similar physical and emotional challenges related to breast cancer might offer better medicine than any script she could write.

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My Town: Shakey Graves' Austin, Texas

By Elizabeth HutchisonBelow the LineOctober 9, 2014

Austin, Texas-born musician Alejandro Rose-Garcia has lived stints in Los Angeles and New York City and spent countless hours on the road touring, but the blues rocker, earning a solid reputation and following under the stage name Shakey Graves, has always felt the pull of home. And in 2010, he returned to Austin for good. “I spent all of my boyhood here,” Rose-Garcia says. “Texas is home in a way that, well, there isn’t another equivalent to.” This month, he’ll release his second album, And the War Came, which means a lot more travel time, but before he packs his bags, we asked him to walk us through his perfect twelve (-ish) hours in Austin.

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Blue Ridge Fall Retreats

By Elizabeth HutchisonBelow the LineOctober 2, 2014

As summer slides into fall, few places in the South are as beautiful as the Blue Ridge. If you want to avoid the crush of leaf peepers or just want to get away for the weekend before the holiday merry-go-round takes over your schedule, these four recently renovated and newly-opened mountain hideaways make for relaxing escapes. But book a room now before someone else ends up drinking your glass of hot apple cider by a staff-laid fire. No room in the inn? No problem: The views (and accommodations) are just as breathtaking come spring.

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My Town: John Fleer’s Asheville, NC

By Elizabeth HutchisonBelow the LineSeptember 25, 2014

After fifteen years in Tennessee as the head chef at Blackberry Farm, John Fleer and his wife Katy, both North Carolina natives, were eager to return to the Tar Heel State. “We’d had our eye on Asheville for a long time,” Fleer says of the Blue Ridge boomtown. “When we lived in Tennessee, we’d always stop on the way home to Winston-Salem. And over the years we watched it change and grow into this really vibrant community.”

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Made in the South Awards: Meet Judge Brooks Reitz

By Elizabeth HutchisonGood EatsJuly 2, 2014

Charleston, South Carolina-based Made in the South Awards judge Brooks Reitz is a busy guy. In addition to opening Leon’s, his new fried chicken and oyster house, he’s got a coffee shop in the works, and he’s a partner in the just-launched Khi Khi Milk Co., a globally inspired beverage company. Despite the harried schedule, though, Reitz continues to appreciate things done the old-fashioned way—slow and by hand. As the founder of Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., he’s helping to revive forgotten staples of the American bar one bottle of artisanal grenadine, tonic, and aromatic bitters at a time. To celebrate beach season, we asked Reitz to come up with a couple of refreshing summertime cocktails

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Made in the South Awards: Meet Judge Chris Hastings

By Elizabeth HutchisonGood EatsJune 12, 2014

There’s no question G&G’s Made in the South Awards food category judge, Chris Hastings, recognizes the appeal of Southern-made goods. He’s even getting into the game himself: “At Hot and Hot, we have started taking the ash from the wood we burn and making lye to use to make our own soaps,” Hastings says. “We’re experimenting. Having a lot of fun with it.” But as much as he admires the talent of Southern makers—the canners, the confectioners, the bakers—and even enjoys tinkering himself, Hastings maintains a chef’s appreciation for the land and its seasonal bounty. We asked him to share the five ingredients he’s most excited to use in his kitchen right now.

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Fictitious Dishes

By Elizabeth HutchisonGood EatsMay 28, 2014

For photographer Dinah Fried, the memorable meals immortalized in her favorite novels—Edmund’s Turkish Delight in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Holden Caufield’s cheese sandwich in The Catcher and the Rye, Dickon’s roasted potatoes and eggs in The Secret Garden—captured her imagination in ways even the most unexpected plot twist didn't. So a few years ago, as part of a design project in art school, she set out to cook, style, and photograph a handful of these standout dishes. But what started as a short-term endeavor quickly became a full-blown obsession, culminating in the recent publication of Fried's new coffee table book, Fictitious Dishes

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Inside Creole World

By Elizabeth HutchisonA Southern FocusMay 21, 2014

In 1974, at age twenty, photographer Richard Sexton packed up his old Datsun station wagon and set out for South America. It started as a standard road trip but the six months he spent exploring the region—from Mexico to Bolivia and back—would influence his work for the next forty years.

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G&G Exclusive: Gregg Allman & Friends

By Elizabeth HutchisonSouthern SoundsApril 29, 2014

Legendary blues rocker Gregg Allman was just a teenager when he first took the stage, playing in seedy clubs up and down the Gulf Coast. Four and a half decades, countless hits, and a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later, Allman continues to tour (though the Allman Brothers Band has announced that 2014 will be their last year on the road). To honor the veteran vocalist, a diverse group of Allman’s fellow musicians and friends gathered at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta for a four-hour tribute concert this past January.

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