Entertaining Genius: Flower-Studded Ice Cubes

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Entertaining Genius: Flower-Studded Ice Cubes

By CJ LotzMarch 12, 2014

After a cold and snowy winter in the South, spring is finally making itself known. That means it’s time to not only roll up our sleeves and work in the garden, but also to pull out the mason jars and entertain among the flowers. Out this month, Georgia Pellegrini’s new book, Modern Pioneeringa collection of recipes, how-tos, and adviceis inspiring us to enjoy the blossoms beyond the vase.

The author of the best-selling Girl Hunter, Pellegrini grew up in upstate New York, where she learned to hunt and fish. Now a resident of Austin, Texas, she hunts, cooks, gathers, and loves all that the Southern landscape has to offer. Pellegrini pulls much of her inspiration from two women in her life—her grandmother and her late great-aunt.

“Everything my grandmother did had to be an experience, making it a romantic, whimsical environment to enjoy each other’s company,” Pellegrini says. “And my great-aunt knew the name of every plant on our land. She was able to create this beauty in such a creative way at almost no cost. She pulled things out of the garden and was able to work with whatever she had.”

Per her grandmother and her aunt’s example, try these knockout flower-studded ice cubes at your next garden party.

Flower-Studded Ice Cubes

What You'll Need:
Large, square ice cube molds
Water, preferably distilled (creates more transparent ice)
Edible flowers, such as nasturtiums and violets, and/or herbs


1. Fill an ice tray a quarter of the way with water, and/or lay the flowers and herbs into the containers. Place the tray in the freezer.

2. After 1 hour, remove the tray from the freezer and fill it halfway with water. Return the tray to the freezer.

3. After 1 hour, add water to fill the tray to the top and return it to the freezer. Allow the ice cubes to freeze completely before using, about 1 hour.

Serve these up in a gin and tonic, Pimm's Cup, or citrus-based cocktail such as Cajun Lemonade.