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Husk Bar's Dream Weaver Cocktail

By The EditorsSeptember 1, 2012

While the Bloody Mary is one of the more evergreen drinks in the cocktail canon, the window to indulge in straight-from-the-farm tomato-based libations is rapidly closing. So we enlisted one of our favorite local spirit handlers, Rod Weaver, of Husk Bar, to whip up one last seasonal tomato riff for the long weekend—the Dream Weaver.

What the Dream Weaver lacks in color, it more than makes up for in flavor. By squeezing every last drop of juice out of heirlooms like Cherokee Purples and Sunburst (though any variety will do), and adding in a bit of North Carolina gin, you get a you get an earthy yet light cocktail that's equally suited to brunch at home, happy hour on the boat, or sundowners on the porch.

Dream Weaver

½  cup diced tomatoes
6-8  mint leaves
6-8  lime basil leaves
½ oz.  Jack Rudy Tonic
1 ½  oz. gin
Squeeze 1 lime wedge
Bourbon smoked salt and pepper rim glass

: Rim a rocks glass in lime juice; dip into bourbon smoked salt and fresh-cracked pepper

STEP 2: Add ½ cup diced tomatoes (Purple Cherokees, Sunburst, or any available heirlooms)

STEP 3: Add 6-8 leaves of fresh mint and lime basil (Include the flower of the lime basil plant, if possible, as they contain most of the oil)

STEP 4: Add ½ oz. Jack Rudy Tonic (if you don't have Jack Rudy, use the same amount of simple syrup and a squeeze of lime as a substitute)

STEP 5: Add 1 ½ oz. gin. We chose Cardinal Gin from King's Mountain, North Carolina, but any floral gin will do.

STEP 6: Muddle all ingredients together and shake in a cocktail shaker.

STEP 7: Double strain into your salt-rimmed glass



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