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Entertaining Genius: Flower-Studded Ice Cubes

By CJ LotzBelle DecorMarch 12, 2014

After a cold and snowy winter in the South, spring is finally making itself known. That means it’s time to not only roll up our sleeves and work in the garden, but also to pull out the mason jars and entertain among the flowers. Out this month, Georgia Pellegrini’s new book, Modern Pioneeringa collection of recipes, how-tos, and adviceis inspiring us to enjoy the blossoms beyond the vase.

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Happy Hour: Charleston's Warehouse

By Jed PortmanGood EatsMarch 10, 2014

In our February/March issue we name Charleston, South Carolina’s Warehouse as one of the ten best new Southern cocktail bars. Here is a closer look at Warehouse, plus recipes for two of their signature cocktails.

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Mardi Gras Playlist

By Elizabeth HutchisonSouthern SoundsMarch 4, 2014

Happy Fat Tuesday. It's officially the last day of Carnival, which means if you haven’t had your fill of moon pies, king cake, and Hurricanes, today is last call. But for everyone working behind a desk instead of dancing through the French Quarter, we’re bringing the party to you with our essential Mardi Gras playlist on Spotify. Laissez les bon temps rouler! (Just keep the boozin’ to a minimum—we can’t be held responsible for any HR violations the playlist might induce.) 

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Premiere: Steep Canyon Rangers Live

By The EditorsSouthern SoundsMarch 3, 2014

Now in its 41st season, PBS Great Performances has featured some of the world’s top musicians, actors, and composers. And this month, the prestigious show will add a bit more bluegrass to their repertoire with Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers featuring Edie Brickell in concert.

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Our Oscar Favorites

By Jessica MischnerBelow the LineMarch 2, 2014

From Tommy Lee Jones to Reese Witherspoon, the South lays claim to a long line of Academy Award winners. But even more fun than watching the home team win is hearing what the players say as they accept their trophies.   

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The Ice Plant's Grapefruit Collins

By Jed PortmanGood EatsFebruary 12, 2014

In our February/March issue we name St. Augustine, Florida's the Ice Plant as one of the ten best new Southern cocktail bars. Here is a closer look at the Ice Plant and a recipe for one of their signature cocktails.

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Southern Pantry: Edwards Peanut Ham

By Jed PortmanGood EatsJanuary 16, 2014

If you’re a country ham lover, chances are you’re already familiar with Surry, Virginia, company S. Wallace Edwards and Sons. Back in the late 1990s, well before the start of the artisan food revolution, third-generation cure master Sam Edwards turned an old family business into one of the South’s most respected curing operations when he ditched commodity pork and began using meat from flavorful heirloom hogs instead. His Surryano hams—each dry-cured, hickory-smoked, and aged more than a year—have appeared in white-tablecloth restaurants all over the country in the past decade.

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Southern Food Group: Oysters

By Sara Camp ArnoldGood EatsJanuary 16, 2014

As a child, chances are you learned about the five food groups: fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains, and meat. The Southern Foodways Alliance has decided to rewrite the food pyramid in 2014 by introducing the twelve Southern food groups. Each month this year, the SFA will pair up with Garden & Gun to explore one food group that’s essential to our region’s cuisine.

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What we’re listening to: Lucinda Williams’s Re-release

By CJ LotzSouthern SoundsJanuary 14, 2014

As a tribute to more than 25 years of soul-stirring songwriting, Lucinda Williams is re-releasing her self-titled album in a two-disc set today. Out of print for 10 years, the album was the Americana artist's third release and a personal favorite of fellow musicians. 

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Memorable Southern Slogans

By Robert MossBelow the LineNovember 15, 2013

Over the years I’ve become an unabashed admirer of quirky restaurant mottos. Sure, plenty of establishments promise “delicious food” or “friendly service.” It’s the rare creative few that come up with a unique way to declare whom they are. Some of their expressions are clever, some brassy and bold. Others proclaim a fundamental principle with frank simplicity. Here’s a selection of some of the more memorable slogans from around the South.

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