Southern in the City

NYC's Sweet Taste of Dixie

By Jenny AdamsDecember 5, 2012

Forbes Fisher, the 26-year-old president and co-founder of Steve’s Ice Cream, has an off-the-cuff humor, and he can easily turn on his native Southern drawl, something he has mostly lost since moving to New York.

The company actually began back in the early ‘70s. Steve’s was the first to debut a style called "mix-ins", which today is seeing a revival in companies. “I helped re-launch Steve’s two years ago with David Stein,” explains Fisher. “Today we are bringing back our original love of mix-in style with a new generation of flavors.

Capitalizing on two trends in one pint, Fisher says their new Southern Collection was brought on first by his love of our region’s food, but also because of the popularity of Southern cuisine in New York right now. The result is five ice cream flavors that are distinctly below the Mason Dixon in terms of ingredients and extremely light-hearted yet thoughtful in terms of combinations.

“We have a New Orleans coffee and donuts flavor that uses chicory iced coffee as a base with chunks of fried donuts in it,” Fisher offers. “My favorite is the banana pudding, which has fresh banana ice cream with vanilla wafer crust crumbles and a banana pudding swirl through it. My grandmother—who we call Big Sally, even though she’s tiny—always made me chicken and biscuits as a kid. Banana pudding was the dessert.”

Other Southern flavors include bourbon pecan pie, a small-batch bourbon vanilla that uses Jim Beam, and a nod to South Florida with a key lime pie option, complete with graham cracker crumbles. And he’s got a few tricks up his seersucker sleeve for the coming months. “I’m thinking Sweet Potato & Toasted Marshmallow and Pumpkin Spice Praline, and next spring, we are working on a buttermilk biscuit peach cobbler,” he says.

To purchase your own taste of Steve’s Ice Cream, you can do so in their NYC Metro and Chicago stores or simply visit stevesicecream.com. Availability of flavors (including the Southern collection) may vary online and in stores, so if you have are searching for a particular flavor, you can email them directly at hello@stevesicecream.com ($10 per pint).