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Pit Beef: Baltimore's Signature Sandwich

By Robert MossGood EatsDecember 9, 2013

These days restaurants from Virginia to Texas tout Maryland-style crab cakes, but the Old Line State has one local specialty that has yet to travel very far: pit beef.

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Memorable Southern Slogans

By Robert MossBelow the LineNovember 15, 2013

Over the years I’ve become an unabashed admirer of quirky restaurant mottos. Sure, plenty of establishments promise “delicious food” or “friendly service.” It’s the rare creative few that come up with a unique way to declare whom they are. Some of their expressions are clever, some brassy and bold. Others proclaim a fundamental principle with frank simplicity. Here’s a selection of some of the more memorable slogans from around the South.

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Local Ballpark Delicacies

By Robert MossGood EatsAugust 12, 2013

Fans of minor league baseball know that there’s much more to an evening at the ballpark than the game taking place on the field. There are jump castles and face painting for the kids, cold beer for the grown-ups, and zany competitions between innings. And, increasingly, there are plenty of good eats, too.

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Gin and Tonic Week: Gin and Green Tomato Tonic from Josh Streetman

By Robert MossGood EatsJuly 3, 2013

These days the farm-to-table movement has intersected with the craft cocktail revival, and Southern mixologists are adding fresh, locally-grown vegetables to their repertoire.

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The Flavor of Summer: Corn Stock

By Robert MossGood EatsJuly 1, 2013

Our cool, mild spring has finally given way to the heat of summer, and that means it’s time to share a wonderful culinary secret: corn stock.

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In Season: Green Garlic

By Robert MossGood EatsJune 3, 2013

If you spy a pile of long, green stalks at your local farmer’s market this weekend, pause a moment for a closer look. It might appear to be a bunch of scallions or spring onions but, if you’re lucky, it will turn out to be green garlic, an even more delightful late-spring treat.

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Real Florida Barbecue

By Robert MossGood EatsMay 23, 2013

Florida gets a bad rap when it comes to being authentically "Southern." Slander, I say. Sure, there may be a lot of transplants from Long Island and other distant regions concentrated in certain parts, but for proof of the state’s essential Southerness we need look no further than Florida’s long, proud barbecue tradition. 

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The Original Southern Spirit

By Robert MossGood EatsMay 6, 2013

These days, many people consider bourbon the South’s spirit of choice. But long before Southerners were sipping corn whiskey, they enjoyed glasses of locally made fruit brandy. During the colonial and antebellum years, planters routinely set aside acres for orchards—not just to fill pies, but to fill their copper pot stills, too. As late as 1872, there were more than 1,800 active brandy distilleries in the Southern states, the majority in Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

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The Return of Real Buttermilk

By Robert MossGood EatsFebruary 28, 2013

Slowly but steadily, Southern cooks are rediscovering the ingredients that once formed the foundation of our region’s cuisine. Old-fashioned standards like stone-ground grits, slow-smoked bacon, and heirloom peas make traditional recipes come alive with a depth and richness of flavor that a cook cannot achieve using new-fangled industrial versions

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A Proper Pimento Burger

By Robert MossGood EatsFebruary 14, 2013

These days, it seems, you can Southernize any dish with a scoop of pimento cheese. Cooks plop it atop steaks at white-tablecloth bistros and slather it on fried green tomatoes at corner cafés. Burgers are where the real action is. Restaurants kick out towering $12 affairs that layer pimento cheese onto fresh-ground sirloin, slide the whole thing on a brioche bun, and top it with chunky housemade ketchup

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