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Threads of a Story

By CJ LotzA Southern FocusNovember 14, 2014

Few objects embody a story quite like a soft, worn, handed-down quilt. Take the tale of one traveling minister’s wife who collected appliqued fabric blocks from friends at every one of her husband’s churches in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. in the 1840s. To ease the strain of frequently moving, Frances Muse Eggleston sewed thirty-six signed fabric blocks into a memory album quilt top, the way a mother today might paste photographs to scrapbook pages.

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Ten Outtakes from our October/November 2014 Issue

By CJ LotzA Southern FocusOctober 7, 2014

Although the fall issue of Garden & Gun was full of photographs we loved, we didn't have space for a handful of special images. Here is a look at ten of our favorite shots that didn't make it into print.

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What We're Reading Now: 'The Story of Land and Sea'

By Jessica MischnerA Southern FocusOctober 1, 2014

Author Katy Simpson Smith’s hotly anticipated debut novel, The Story of Land and Sea, recently arrived on shelves after sparking a bidding war among 10 publishing houses (Harper Collins eventually won distribution rights). Set in coastal Beaufort, North Carolina, during the waning stages of the Revolutionary War, the book chronicles in spare, crystalline prose the entangled lives and emotions of a multi-generational cast of characters. "The effect," writes reviewer Joanna Scutts in the Washington Post​, "is to root the novel in its historical moment but to reach toward the universal in its exploration of love and grief."

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An Insider's Look at Modern Music History

By Jessica MischnerA Southern FocusSeptember 24, 2014

Photographer and Garden & Gun contributor Danny Clinch has spent the past three decades capturing the on-stage, on-the-road, and behind-the-curtain lives of some of the most famous musicians in modern history—from Ralph Stanley to Bob Dylan to Jay Z. The resulting coffee table compendium, Danny Clinch: Still Moving, out yesterday, contains nearly 300 images of artists of all genres and, as his friend Bruce Springsteen writes in the foreword, solidifies Clinch’s place among the greats of rock and roll photography: “Danny always gets it. The ‘thing’ you’ve been looking for. That small piece of the secret that has no name but that whispers to your audience…‘and then’… the story continues.” To understand the cameraman behind the camera, we asked Clinch to describe some of the biggest moments of his career and share some of his favorite images from the book—and the stories behind them.

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Inside Creole World

By Elizabeth HutchisonA Southern FocusMay 21, 2014

In 1974, at age twenty, photographer Richard Sexton packed up his old Datsun station wagon and set out for South America. It started as a standard road trip but the six months he spent exploring the region—from Mexico to Bolivia and back—would influence his work for the next forty years.

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New Guides for the Southern Gardener

By CJ LotzA Southern FocusApril 22, 2014

Here at the G&G offices, we receive loads of great books. This time of year, the stack is dominated by gardening reads. We stuck our nose in the pages of dozens to select our three favorites, each written with the Southern gardener—or aspiring gardener—in mind.

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Bonus Photos from our April/May 2014 Issue

By The EditorsA Southern FocusApril 11, 2014

Often when we send an issue of Garden & Gun off to print there are several photos we wish we could have included. The same is true of our April/May 2014 issue, so we picked ten of our favorites that couldn't make it to print to share with you online.

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Nashville's Newest Boutique Hotel

By Jessica MischnerA Southern FocusMarch 17, 2014

If you haven’t paid a visit to Nashville’s exploding Gulch neighborhood, the newly minted 404 Hotel and Kitchen, which began taking overnight reservations on Friday, just might be the excuse you’ve been waiting for.

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Bonus Photos from our February/March 2014 Issue

By The EditorsA Southern FocusFebruary 4, 2014

Often when we send an issue of Garden & Gun off to print there are several photos we wish we could have included. The same is true of our February/March 2014 issue, so we picked ten of our favorites that couldn't make it to print to share with you online.

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