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The South's Best Rocking Chairs

By Haskell HarrisJanuary 7, 2011

I know I'm not alone when I say I have a soft spot for rocking chairs. I think all Southerners do. They're simple, they're purposeful, and there's nothing more peaceful than sitting in one on a porch or by a fire.

And the South's best handcrafted examples are made by a compelling group of artisans called The Boggs Collective in Asheville, North Carolina.  

Some of the artisans in the Collective concentrate on tables or benches or beds,  but founder Brian Boggs and Michael Waldeck are the Collective's resident rocker experts.

Brian worked for decades to perfect his rocker designs (his career spans 29 years) and even though these days he's focusing on other product design and development for the Collective, young artisan Michael Waldeck is carrying out Bogg's unique vision for two of my favorite chairs, the Classic Rocker and the Greenwood Rocker.

Both are beautiful plays on ladderback and Shaker designs and I love them.

And how's this for taking the handmade idea one step further:  you can actually learn how to make your own rocker from Brian himself. His next schedule starts this summer. Click here for details.

To see more of Boggs and Waldek at work, check out the gallery below.