For the Squeamish

By John CurrenceMay 14, 2009


Here's a must try for the squeamish and the adventurous. The Big Apple Inn on Farish Street in Jackson, Mississippi, has been serving up a pig ear sandwich for decades (depending who you talk to, between four and seven decades). I had my first about twenty-five years ago and my most recent a few weeks back and they are still as amazing as the first time they crossed these lips.

Nothing changes at the Big Apple. It is exactly the way I remember in 1984, a patina of fryer grease covering every surface in the place and a griddle so permanent that God himself might have trouble extracting it.

 Other than the pig ear sandwiches (sliders, if you will, on tiny two-bite buns) the Big Apple serves outstanding tamales and both orange and grape sodas are available to wash it all down.

So head on down and order a pig ear sandwich (I recommend hot sauce and they come with slaw). Who knows, you might just fall in love. I know I did.