Super Bowl Bacon Explosion

By John CurrenceFebruary 3, 2009

Just to be clear that I am not merely paying lip service to the trend du jour, I would like to share our Super Bowl Sunday stab at the Bacon Explosion. While I give all due credit to the creators of the original recipe, Jason Day and Aaron Chronister, who posted their recipe on their blog, I think their model is but a canvas on which to paint...we just chose hard-boiled eggs and cheese as our medium.

I am not one for multiple pounds of sausage in one sitting, no matter how deeply I love pig, so we made our filling with equal parts ground beef and pork that we seasoned with salt, black pepper, Worcestershire, chopped onion, and Crystal hot sauce.

After spreading out the ground beef and pork mixture, we added a vein of spicy Italian sausage, some sharp cheddar cheese, and the hard-boiled eggs.

We rolled the bacon around the filling (which is the most challenging part and one I recommend you get two people for), and then we wrapped it tightly in plastic and allowed it to sit overnight before smoking it in a pig-shaped smoker.

The result was (and I looked to it with the same trepidation I did my first deep-fried pork rib) nothing short of joy for the eight or so folks who tasted it straight off the grill. Our living room looked as much like a crack house might as it did a Super Bowl party room. I was lying on the floor briefly like a cockroach unable to turn over. Fear of my dog eating me ultimately inspired movement.

It was exquisite.

No, there isn't any left...