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Today's Delivery: Carolina Snowflakes

By M.K. QuinlanDecember 20, 2012

We get lots of deliveries here at G&G throughout the week, but some are more special than others. Case in point: Today we received a large box filled with snowflakes. Snowflakes with a wonderful holiday story.

Augusta Training Shop, Inc. is a non-profit work center based in Augusta, GA, that employs mentally and physically challenged adults. These individuals are taught a handful of skills including furniture refinishing, chair re-caning, and metal polishing. Recently, the executive staff at the shop discovered a hidden talent in Adrian, one of their non-verbal employees. Two weeks ago he was taught to weave these beautiful Carolina snowflakes out of seat caning and rushing material, and he hasn’t stopped making them since. As executive director Audrey Murell puts it, “These are true representations of snowflakes in the natural world. Not one is the same, and never will be.”

They have been selling like wildfire in Augusta, and I was told that a reputable interior designer purchased them to send as Christmas gifts to her clients here in the states and abroad. They can be connected and used as garland, as tree toppers, or as coffee table décor. The shop has closed for holidays this year, but make sure you keep these snowflakes on your radar for next year. They are handmade and promote a wonderful Southern organization, whose motto is even more relevant during the Christmas season: “Live life according to your gifts, rather than your limitations.”

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