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On Trend: Fern, Baby, Fern

By Haskell HarrisAugust 3, 2011

I have always associated ferns with the South. I guess it's because I grew up seeing them all around me—whether wild in the woods, tamed in mossy pots, or planted in hanging baskets on porches. The green fronds possess both a delicate and outdoorsy beauty that I've always loved. So naturally I'm a fan of all the modern fashion, jewelry, and interior design inspired by the feathery motif.

Here are a couple of examples of the fern trend covered in Garden & Gun.

First, Laura Zindel's beautiful ceramics (pictured below):

And the Ten Thousand Things fern jewelry in the current August/September issue:

The idea is also finding itself peppered through Stella McCartney's fall line. Her red fern dress is dynamite (pictured below). 

I also think the entire line of fern accessories by Conroy & Wilcox are stunning, especially the fern hair pin. It's the sort of thing I'd wear to the Derby next year instead of a giant hat.

And I'm sure we'll witness more fern love in the future. In the meantime, Keep an eye out for the real thing. I saw this little lovely (pictured below) growing on my neighbor's gate this morning.

We've had a good bit of rain recently (phew) and I swear it grew overnight! Pretty, no?