The United States of Donuts

Southern in the City

The United States of Donuts

By Jessica MischnerAugust 3, 2011

Donuts from Spudnuts in Charlottesville, Virginia (Photo: Rob Howard)

Southerners have been infatuated with donuts (or doughnuts, if you prefer) ever since the summer of 1937 when the first Krispy Kreme location opened its doors in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. At the time there weren’t many donuts shops in the South, but our biscuit-and-hushpuppy-loving palates adapted quickly to the Dutch-inspired rounds of fried dough.

Today, Krispy Kreme donuts appear in stand-alone shops, gas stations, and grocery stores. They fuel fund-raising efforts for everyone from Girl Scout troops to college sororities, and inspire culinary innovation among professional and amateur chefs (subbing a donut for a hamburger bun is old news compared to the genius invention of the Krispy Kreme milkshake at Flip Burger Boutique in Atlanta and Birmingham). But Krispy Kreme isn't the only place to get your donut fix. I've canvassed friends and food boards to compile a list of some of the most beloved donuts shops around the country, organized by state.

Tell us: Where’s your favorite donut shop?

Loyless Donuts, Dothan

Donut Wheel, Tucson

Bob’s Donut and Pastry Shop, San Francisco
Boon Fly Café, Napa
Donut Man, Los Angeles
Dynamo Donut and Coffee, San Francisco
Psycho Donuts (various locations)

Nicola’s Donuts, Tampa

Dough in a Box, Atlanta
Sublime Donuts, Atlanta

John’s Space Age Donut Shop, Overland Park

Nord’s Bakery, Louisville

Doughnut Vault, Chicago

Café du Monde, New Orleans
Meche’s Donuts, New Iberia
Southern Maid Donuts, Hammond

The Fractured Prune (various locations)

Verna’s Donut Shop, Cambridge

Abe’s Donuts, Greenwood
Monroe’s Donuts and Bakery, Jackson
Tato-nut Donut Shop, Ocean Springs

New York
Back Forty, Manhattan
Cuzin’s Duzin, Brooklyn
Doughnut Plant, Manhattan
Peter Pan Bakery, Brooklyn

North Carolina
Britt’s Donuts, Wilmington
Krispy Kreme (various locations)
Wilson Donut Shop, Wilson

Voodoo Donuts, Portland

South Carolina
The Barnyard Flea Market, Lexington
Murray’s Donuts, Sumter
The Donut Man, Myrtle Beach

Fox’s Donut Den, Nashville
Gibson’s Donuts, Memphis

Donut Crown, Austin
Round Rock Donuts, Round Rock

Blue Benn Diner, Bennington

Country Style Doughnuts, Richmond
White Spot, Charlottesville

Mighty-O Donuts, Seattle