Food & Drink

Chesapeake Oyster Stew

A Baltimore chef’s time-tested take on an Eastern Shore tradition

Arts & Culture

The Supreme Court’s Groundbreaking Southerner

Fifty years ago, the Senate confirmed Baltimore native Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American justice, to the bench

Our Kind of Place

Ode to Chesapeake Bay

In praise of simple summers by the shore

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In the Garden

A Family Heirloom Garden

Finding countryside charm in Maryland


Meet the Southside

A refreshing rum-and-mint sipper for the horse-country set


Margaret Boozer’s Earth Works

A Maryland artist finds beauty in the humblest of materials — the dirt beneath her feet


Record Keeping

Joe Bussard’s rare vintage 78s—all 15,000 of them—preserve the sounds of the South for future generations

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Inside a Chesapeake Bay Garden

Explore the gardens of this Maryland estate


Southern Master: The Legend of Lefty

Even at ninety years old he can still outcast you––and then charm you with his trademark smile

Arts & Culture

A 90-Year Chincoteague Tradition—and a New Legacy

Celebrating a special legacy at this year’s pony swim

In the Garden

A Chesapeake Bay Estate

A Maryland garden seamlessly blends formal green spaces and rambling hunting grounds


Small-Town Escapes: Chestertown, MD

Colonial splendor and creative energy on the Chesapeake Bay


The Chesapeake’s Lost Flavors

Local chefs are rediscovering homegrown ingredients


Gin and Tonic Season: An Englishman Went to Kentucky

A mint twist on the classic G&T