Tate's Chamomile Sazerac

By Jed PortmanGood EatsNovember 18, 2012

“Downtown Winston-Salem, ten years ago—even five years ago—was nothing,” says Matt Ceneviva, bartender and part-owner of Tate’s Craft Cocktails. We are sitting outside the bar on a stretch of road in the heart of the old tobacco town that’s a testament to how much has changed. A bustling sushi restaurant, an independent movie theatre, and a popular brewery are all located within a few blocks. And then there’s Tate’s, behind us, where standard-issue liquors share shelf space with cutting-edge syrups and infusions. “We want to be here when this is one of the best food towns in North Carolina."

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Happy Hour: Ramblin' Man

By Jenny AdamsGood EatsOctober 5, 2012

Name of Drink: Ramblin' Man

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Restaurant August’s Bacon Bourbon

By Vanessa GregoryGood EatsSeptember 28, 2012

Bacon-infused bourbon might sound a tad over the top, but the aromatic concoction is one of the most requested recipes at Restaurant August, John Besh’s fine dining spot in New Orleans. And for good reason. “The bacon really brings out a lot of the smoky, woodsy flavor of the bourbon,” says General Manager Jeff Gulotta. Fortunately, unlike some of August’s fruit-based infusions, this one is both easy to make and unaffected by the seasons. “Bacon is year round, thank goodness,” Gulotta jokes

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