America’s Original Morning Cocktail

By Jenny AdamsGood EatsJanuary 11, 2013

If pre-Prohibition cocktails are on your list of favorite hobbies, chances are you’ve heard of the Corpse Reviver #2

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Four Ways to Spice Up Your Eggnog

By Jenny AdamsGood EatsDecember 21, 2012

When done right, eggnog should be creamy, lightly sweet, and soul-soothing. A bad batch can quickly become the “fruitcake” of holiday cocktails—no one wants it, and if you drink it, you feel like you swallowed a brick.

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Tate's Chamomile Sazerac

By Jed PortmanGood EatsNovember 18, 2012

“Downtown Winston-Salem, ten years ago—even five years ago—was nothing,” says Matt Ceneviva, bartender and part-owner of Tate’s Craft Cocktails. We are sitting outside the bar on a stretch of road in the heart of the old tobacco town that’s a testament to how much has changed. A bustling sushi restaurant, an independent movie theatre, and a popular brewery are all located within a few blocks. And then there’s Tate’s, behind us, where standard-issue liquors share shelf space with cutting-edge syrups and infusions. “We want to be here when this is one of the best food towns in North Carolina."

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