Southern Homes

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Home & Garden

Inside Braxton Dixon’s World

A legacy of enduring architectural treasures


A Country Retreat

A Tennessee couple finds a home amid their past

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Home & Garden

A Family-Style Country Retreat

Step inside Brookside, a renovated Greek Revival home


Patchwork Plantation

Designer Rebecca Vizard assembles an eclectic sanctuary in the Delta


From Hospital to Southern Home

A North Carolina design duo gives new life to an old building

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Hospital to Southern Home

See inside this North Carolina renovation


Bohemian Carriage House

A couple bring their love of entertaining to D.C.’s most infamous backstreet

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Inside a Bohemian Carriage House

Step inside this eclectic Washington, D.C. home

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Home & Garden

Inside a Heritage Homestead


Heritage Homestead

A creative couple’s restored North Carolina spread gives a lesson in history and personal style

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Tour a Blue Ridge Hideout

Step inside this Cashiers, North Carolina retreat


Blue Ridge Hideout: A Welcoming Retreat

High in the North Carolina mountains, 
a couple’s reclaimed lodge welcomes family, 
friends, and the occasional bear


The Making of a Modern Farmhouse

Architect Ken Pursley creates a rural home that is anything but homely


Mansion Hopping

Owning a grand estate may be a thing of the past, but staying in one is easier than ever

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Inside A Modern Farmhouse

Step inside a rebuilt Southern farmhouse


A Southern Restoration: Cabin Fever

For thirty years one couple has poured labor and love into the restoration of four antebellum dwellings near Madison, Georgia

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A Look Inside: Cabin Fever

Take a closer look at John and Carolyn Malone’s restored antebellum dwellings near Madison, Georgia

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Step Inside: A House on the Bayou

Southern antiques dealer Patrick Dunne revives a two-hundred-year-old Creole manor


A House on the Bayou

A Southern antiques dealer revives a two-hundred-year-old Creole manor

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Homeward Bound

After years of visiting the same spot in rural Georgia, a family builds a dream farm among the oaks