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G&G’s Big Fall Reading List

G&G editors and contributors share what books to cozy up with this autumn


G&G’s Summer Reading List

Editors, contributors, and Southern booksellers share the new novels, fresh nonfiction, and even a couple of cookbooks at the top of their book stacks


A Castaway’s Bookshelf

If stranded on a desert island, these Southerners would read…

Good Dog

Dog on the Run

No matter how hard we try, some dogs just can’t be contained

Arts & Culture

The Best New Books for Southerners in 2023

Hit order (and preorder) for these two dozen new and forthcoming books that G&G editors and contributors are buzzing about

Our Kind of Place

The Magic of Square Books

A writer’s ode to a storied little Mississippi bookstore

Arts & Culture

A February Reading List

Your guide to great new Southern reads this month

Arts & Culture

The Southern Agenda: August/September 2017

Goings-on in the South and beyond

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Arts & Culture

The Top-of-2021 Reading List for Southerners

G&G contributors, editors, and Southern book lovers share new releases and old favorites to read right away this year—and a couple forthcoming releases already on preorder

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Arts & Culture

Richard Howorth’s Books of the Year

The Square Books founder shares his full list of the year’s best titles—including the ones that he couldn’t quite fit into our Whole Hog

Our Kind of Place

Inside a Spirited Savannah Throwback

Bring cash (no credit cards!), conversation, and a sense of adventure to the Original Pinkie Masters

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G&G Party Pics

The Conference on the Front Porch

A two-day celebration of Southern culture in Taylor, Mississippi


Flight Pattern

In search of hummingbirds in the jungles of Belize

City Guides

Destination Oxford, Mississippi

The Little Easy no more