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Vivian Howard Says Goodbye to A Chef’s Life

The chef, author, and television star reveals her favorite episodes—and previews her new show to come

Vivian Howard Previews Her Forthcoming Charleston Restaurants

The popular North Carolina-based chef, author, and TV personality is opening two new Holy City hot spots this summer

Food & Drink

Catching Up with Vivian Howard

The North Carolina chef and TV star is relaunching her Handy & Hot bake shop as a mail-order pop-up, and she has a special treat for Father’s Day

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Vivian Howard on Naming Rites

With the power to christen (even a cocktail) comes great responsibility

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The Condiment that Vivian Howard Would Save in a Fire

She calls the herby, zingy dressing her “Little Green Dress”

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Vivian Howard’s Baked Pimento Cheese and Sausage

The star of A Chef’s Life shares her simple yet refined sausage and pimento dip

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Vivian Howard’s Secret-Weapon Onions

She calls the sweet and flavorful ingredient “R-Rated Onions”


Vivian Howard’s Next Act

With her new TV series, the North Carolina chef continues to advocate for the overlooked South

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Vivian Howard’s Party Magnet

How to prepare the most infamous of party apps — the cheese ball

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Vivian Howard’s Pork-Rind Roosters

A party starter worth celebrating

Anatomy of a Classic

Vivian Howard’s Apple and Country Ham Hand Pies

The Kinston, North Carolina chef puts a porky spin on a beloved treat

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Vivian Howard Is Unnaturally Talented

Outdoor pursuits don’t always come naturally

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Vivian Howard’s Travel Advisory

Nothing frenzies and frazzles like going on vacation

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Vivian Howard Has Impostor Syndrome

Lurid tales from behind the curtain

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Vivian Howard Navigates the New Rules of Dating

Where’s a romance coach when a Southern single needs one?

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Vivian Howard Puts Her Moxie Where Her Mouth Is

The abracadabra of telling your ambitions to the world

Home for the Holidays

Vivian Howard’s Christmas Ode to the Piggly Wiggly

In Eastern North Carolina, a beloved grocery store goes all out

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Vivian Howard Chooses Her Holiday Battles

Muddling through the, um, most wonderful time of the year

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Vivian Howard’s Lessons in Rural Manners

Finger waving, grocery greetings, and other essentials

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Vivian Howard Is an Accidental Collector

A dedicated minimalist discovers the fine art of curated objects

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Vivian Howard Pays Tribute to a Classic Southern Cookbook

The recipes and advice from Jenny Fitch and North Carolina’s Fearrington House Restaurant still resonate

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Love Languages, Decoded

When it comes to expressing affection, Vivian Howard doesn’t mince words

Gas Station Biscuits

The cheese-filled flavor bombs that Vivian Howard cannot step away from


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Help Eastern North Carolina with Fish Stew

Chef Vivian Howard teams up with an impressive roster of chefs for a fundraiser benefitting the United Way

The Shot

Add a Splash of the Caribbean to Your Holidays

A tropical take on eggnog; Vivian Howard’s new pizza place; and surviving snow


Cutting-Edge Cookbooks

A season’s worth of new kitchen companions serve up a gumbo of great Southern flavors

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A Chef’s Perfect Beach Day

The pressures of the last year find release in a dream day by the water

Cheaters Only BBQ Pork

All the flavor, even if you’re not ready to go whole hog

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At Home in Howardville

For Vivian Howard, the population is sometimes too many and often just enough

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Must-See Southern-Cooking TV

PBS premieres a new show from Vivian Howard and a documentary about Patrick O’Connell and the Inn at Little Washington

Taste of the South

Tomato Sandwiches Worth Traveling For

Everyone loves the white bread-and-mayo classic, including these six Southern chefs who put their own spins on a cherished Southern tradition

The Shot

Adopt a Rescue Puppy from Puerto Rico

Plus: Julia Roberts is turning 50; Virginia shows its steeplechase style; and binge-watching A Chef’s Life

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Home on the Road

Why rural folks don’t seem to mind long drives

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G&G Party Pics

A Southern Supper Series at Terrain

Two memorable evenings with G&G and Terrain

Food & Drink

G&G’s Great Mayonnaise Taste Test

Twenty Southern chefs answer the question: What’s the best brand of mayo?


Food & Drink

A Chef’s Life: Recipe for Sausage Balls

Chef Vivian Howard shares her recipe for this holiday classic


What Chefs Can Teach You About Bourbon

We invited some of the South’s best culinary experts to a blind taste test. Find out which whiskeys earned their top marks

Food & Drink

Southern Chefs’ Go-To Road Trip Snacks

The South’s ultimate foodies share their gas-station guilty pleasures

pork brains

Food & Drink

Rise and Shine with Brains and Eggs

A Southern staple that was once on breakfast menus across the South

Food & Drink

How Do You Do Thanksgiving?

Readers weigh in on the spread, the guests, the etiquette, the triumphs, and some Turkey Day disasters