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A Winter-White Floral Arrangement with Palm Power

Atlanta floral designer Shean Strong shows how to makes the most of the cooler season


With January upon us and lush blooms in shorter supply, the Atlanta floral designer Shean Strong turns to sculptural palms and grasses for his inventive arrangements. “I like to think each new year is a clean canvas, and an all-white arrangement feels fitting,” he says. 

Strong starts with dried palms and grasses, which often vary in color from green to brown to white. And while they are lovely and long-lasting on their own, he then adds a coat of dramatic white spray paint to the entire look. 

“Dried and preserved products have been popular for the past few years, so if you don’t have access to a floral market, there are plenty of online businesses and small local shops that carry them,” he says of the initial ingredients. “And painted or not, these pieces will last forever as long as they are not exposed to moisture,” he explains. “I have created permanent structures for businesses with palms, dried grasses, and other preserved products; so long as you give them the occasional dusting, they will be perfect for a lifetime.”

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