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Bags in Bloom

Embroidered straw beauties for a Southern spring

With the world in its current state of chaos, the thought of flowers showing their faces for spring brings an element of hope and a reminder of resilience. Perhaps that’s why I find myself drawn again and again to their motifs wherever I can find them, including, these days, in the artistry of woven jute and straw flowers. 

I’ve always associated the art form with Bahamian traditions, but really, it’s as old as time and likely made its way to the South by way of South America, and the Philippines and Mexico, too. And this spring, a bounty of options making use of the handiwork have sprung up. Below are a few of my favorite iterations. May they represent tenacity, freedom of expression, and herald brighter days ahead.

Cult Gaia




Catarina Mina






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