Chef Bryant Terry’s Songs to Savor

The Memphis-born, California-based chef cooks up the perfect late-summer playlist

Photo: Tim bower

Chef Bryant Terry, author of the Vegetable Kingdom cookbook, comes from a musical family in Memphis. Here, he shares a playlist for good times in the kitchen and beyond.

“Take Me to the River”  
Al Green
“That classic Memphis sound gets everyone moving.”

“I Can’t Stand the Rain” 
Ann Peebles
“She’s my aunt, so our whole family felt like we won because it was such a big hit.”

“Your Love Is to Blame” 
Don Bryant
“The latest song by my uncle Don, who was house songwriter for Hi Records in the 1960s and 1970s. It has been inspiring seeing him make
a comeback
in his late seventies.”

“Respect Yourself” 
The Staples Singers
“This reminds me of conversations about life I used to have with my paternal grandfather in his backyard garden while I was harvesting vegetables, shelling peas, or shucking corn.”

“Sixty Minute Man” 
Rufus Thomas
“He starts the song with the type of chanting one might hear in parts of sub-Saharan Africa or the antebellum South. And the call and response with the backup singers sounds straight out of New Orleans.”

“Melting Pot” 
Booker T. & the M.G.’s
“This song is so funky. Whenever I hear it, I want to do a James Brown split.”