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Which Dog Are You Pulling for at Westminster?

Readers make the case for their favorite breeds at the annual dog show

Photo: Courtesy of Shannon Nardi

In a recent Talk of the South newsletter (sign up here), G&G asked readers which breed they are pulling for in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, February 11 and 12. Here is a sampling of the responses:

Beagle, of course. My beautiful tri-color black 12-year-old beagle is full of fun and mischief. Savannah Marie is the light of my life! –Angela M.

The Boykin spaniel. State Dog of South Carolina, beautiful, smart, great retrievers that won’t rock the boat, great with children, perfect size. Very supportive community among the Boykin Human Servants (you don’t “own” a Boykin). I could go on and on about these wonderful creatures. 🐾🐾❤️🌺 –Jane T.

I always pull for the Labrador retrievers. I’ve had three black labs and now have a yellow lab named Finch. Great dogs, great personalities, good watchdogs! I also root for the golden retrievers since they are just the sweetest (but lousy watchdogs). –Karyn S.

I am pulling for the Finnish spitz. They are amazing hunting dogs, smart as blazes, and the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Why are they not more popular? They’re a little on the noisy side unless you devote some serious time to training. Also, since they were bred for generations to hunt a bird about the size of a chicken, if you have neighbors that keep chickens, the fencing better be real secure. Learned that one the hard way. –Helene C.

I am pulling for the French bulldog, Tuggy. My wife, Jodi, is the handler for Tuggy. Team Tuggy. –Tim L.

English springer spaniel. The happiest dog in the world! –Kathy T.

That’s a tough question because I adore all breeds of poochies! But I have a tender spot in my heart for the terrier breed, as well as the toy poodle and American bulldog. They are all such smart, industrious, playful, loyal, loving and cute dogs that it’s hard to pick just one. –Cheri A.

Mini-schnauzer. Raised them and have had four throughout their lives. Because they’re smart, cute, loyal, sweet, and precious! –Rhonda H.

I’m pulling for a Jack Russell terrier. I love these energetic little dogs! They are bursting with personality, not to mention cute as a bug in a rug! –Tracey H.

Who can resist the Labrador retriever … the greatest dog on earth. That is who I’m pulling for. –Shannon N. (That’s Whoopsy in the photo above.)

Pointer. Real birddog pointer. NOT faux pointers like German shorthairs or German wirehaired wannabe pointers! –Tom S.

Pomeranian. We love the big dog in a little package. We have had five of them and they have so much personality, they make you laugh, and they are so loving. –Rena F.

Otterhound. Could there be a cuter hound dog? –Marcelle P.

I’m pulling for bulldogs (so ugly they’re cute). –John R.

I will always pull for the greyhound. I have had retired greyhounds for years and they are the most elegant, beautiful dogs on earth. And they make great pets! –Lauren Y.

I would love to see the American Eskimo take it for once, but to be realistic the German pointer, Norwegian elkhound, or a good ole hound, any hound. Anything but something small enough to stick in your pocket. –Eric N.

I will be rooting for the Cardigan Welsh corgi, the small dog with a big-dog disposition. It’s high time the title went to a handsome, sturdy dog that barks rather than yaps and doesn’t have teased and blow-dried hair. The current title holder is a bichon frisé, which I’m pretty sure is French for “yapping fur ball.” –Chris L.

My favorite breed is the wirehaired pointing griffon. Griffs are all very special dogs with the most wonderful personalities, and great furry looks to boot! I see them often now on TV ads, so I am thinking they are trendy. Our griff has passed, but he was with us for almost 16 years. Most excellent hunters too. –James D.

Rooting for the Doberman. A loving, loyal and sweetly protective breed that is often overlooked. Fabulous companion! We’ve turned ours into a full fledged water dog. –Carolyn M.

Aussies. Handsome, smart, trainable. And that is what I and my dog say. –Flo Y.

German shorthaired pointer. Great hunters in the field and most biddable breed with people and other pups! –Clayton

English bulldog. ’Cause they could care less! –Sally B.

It is time for a golden retriever to take Best in Show! They can do more than fetch tennis balls. –Ben G.

I wait just to see the working class dogs; those are always the ones I root for. They epitomize what a loyal, endearing, companion dog is supposed to be. Secretly I want the Great Pyrenees to win. After having one, I know how majestic the breed really is. –Bonnie H.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel. If you haven’t had one (or two or three) steal your heart you’re missing out! –Marian F.

Uh, hello, the Labrador. Hopefully a yellow one. –Cheryl W.

That classic breed, the American Patio Puppy. Shows up on your patio and talks itself into two hots and a cot. –Al F.

Thanks to all who responded.

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