The Whole Hog Podcast

Following the Smell of Bourbon

Season 3, Episode 5: Louisville chef Edward Lee remembers Anthony Bourdain and discusses his new book and his love of the South (especially its whiskey)

“Bourbon will make you do funny things,” says chef Edward Lee. Growing up in Brooklyn to Korean immigrant parents, Lee’s move to Louisville, Kentucky might surprise some. But sixteen years and several successful restaurants, cookbooks, and television shows later, Lee has made his mark on Southern food. He joins us on the podcast to discuss his new book Buttermilk Graffiti: A Chef’s Journey to Discover America’s New Melting-Pot Cuisine, which guides us a on a tour around the country eating Lebanese kibbeh in Clarksdale, Mississippi, Vaca Frita in Miami, and slaw dogs in West Virginia.

Also chef Lee remembers writer and television star Anthony Bourdain, tells us why he never orders shrimp, and recounts how he masterfully negotiated the purchase of an impressive vintage bourbon collection, including a bottle of Echo Springs from 1917.

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