First Listen: New Music From Darrell Scott

Stream a song from his new album, The Couchville Sessions

Earlier this week, Darrell Scott went to a goat auction. A person could assume that one of Nashville’s premier songwriters would have other things to do, but it turns out, that’s exactly where he wanted to be. After more than 20 years in Music City, Scott decamped to a farm on the Cumberland Plateau about half way to Knoxville. “I was just looking for some quiet,” he says. “Nashville is booming, but I’m not sure it’s for the best.” For the last 18 months or so, Scott has been focusing on making the transition from city to country life. (In case you were wondering, a good goat goes for around $100.) His place uses solar energy as well as heating from a wood stove. And the goats are right outside. “They’re nature’s lawn mower,” he says. “I’ve got a bunch of weeds they need to get rid of.”

Jim McGuire

Scott has also been busy readying for the release of his new album, The Couchville Sessions. All of the songs were recorded 15 years ago, a fertile time when Scott says he recorded 45 songs in the living room of his house on Nashville’s Couchville Pike. “There was a handful of songs that didn’t fit on my records,” he says. “But I never forgot about them.”

One of those songs is “Waiting For The Clothes To Get Clean,” an album highlight that’s a heavy-duty vivid sketch of a relationship coming to an end set around the most mundane of tasks: laundry. “It’s clear that the relationship is over, but it’s also about how men are jerks in a relationship.”

The Couchville Sessions is out on May 13 (preorder is available) and Garden & Gun is thrilled to premiere Scott’s “Waiting For The Clothes To Get Clean.”

Preorder The Couchville Sessions here.