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A G&G Holiday Wish List

Great gift ideas from the Garden & Gun staff and Mercantile & Co.

Between Garden & Gun’s annual Made in the South Awards and our staff’s everyday monitoring of what’s new in the South, we see a lot of great gift ideas throughout the year. Many of them—and many more—make their way to Mercantile & Co.G&G’s online store. If you’re searching for holiday gifts that offer a little something extra, start with a few of our staff’s favorite items.



Copper Measuring Cups, $32
Marshall McKinney, Design Director


“I like to receive gifts that I can really use—the more often the better. As a result, I reflect on the person who gave them to me with a smile. The pragmatist in me likes giving things I know they too can use on the regular. So, my holiday gifting philosophy is this: If I’m going to give a pair of scissors or a thermos or measuring cups, they better be made of lasting materials, damn fine-functioning, easy to look at, and of the highest quality. That always gets a smile.”



Oyster Planter, $75
Maggie Kennedy, Photography Director


“This is a great gift that can be enjoyed all year. No gift wrap needed, just fill with a beautiful arrangement of flowers or succulents or wine and ice and it’s ready to deliver. I love the natural inspiration behind the design and when used as a table centerpiece at a dinner party, you can actually see your guests around the table! No peeking around large decorations to have a conversation.”


G&G Exclusive Oklahoma Cocktail Pitcher, $125
Elizabeth Hutchison, Associate Editor

“My favorite part of the holiday season is celebrating with friends and family over good food and cocktails. Last year, while editing the Made in the South Awards, I fell head-over-heels for the work of Colin O’Reilly at North Carolina’s Terrane Glass. His Oklahoma decanter and glasses set makes my bar look good—no matter what whiskey I’m pouring. This year, his new cocktail pitcher designed exclusively for G&G is at the top of my list—to give and get.”


Cornbread Cast-Iron Skillet, $28
Phillip Rhodes, Executive Managing Editor

“White cornmeal or yellow? Sugar in the batter or not? Everybody has their own opinions about cornbread, but one thing I think we can all agree on is that the crust is the best part, and with this skillet, everybody gets more of it.”



Observer’s Notebooks, $18.95
CJ Lotz, Research Editor

“I give gifts that connect my friends and family with nature, whether they enjoy paging through an inspiring garden book, planting a gardenia, arranging stems in a beautiful vase, or pulling on a pair of boots for a muddy walk in the woods. These notebooks feature delightful illustrations, useful charts, and fun trivia, plus plenty of blank pages for sketching a pretty scene or just letting your ideas meander.”


Elk Punch Bowl
, $785
Rebecca Darwin, CEO

“I have a small, but hopefully growing, collection of pewter and silver serving dishes and bowls with flora and fauna on them. I love that these pieces are festive but not stuffy, and every Southerner needs a punch bowl on her sideboard! Punch is easy for holiday entertaining and aprés party, just fill the bowl with fruit or an orchid or two.”


Wren & Ivy Waxed Canvas Ditty Bag, $385
David DiBenedetto, Senior Vice President and Editor in Chief

“I’ve been really impressed with Wren & Ivy products this year, whether it’s their blind bag or two-in-one dog bowl. This Ditty Bag is sharp and useful. I’d be happy to stuff it with gear for the field.”

Courtesy of Matthias Kaupermann

Luxury Cornhole Set, $4,600
Haskell Harris, Style Director

“If you can’t splurge on someone you love during the holidays, when can you? This cornhole set is an instant memory-maker. Just think about all the parties and lively conversations that might happen around it for years to come. Games bring people together and that’s a very thoughtful, Southern sentiment indeed.”