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G&G’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Eighteen ways to celebrate Southern dads


Haskell Harris (@haskellharris) is the style director at Garden & Gun.

This year is my husband’s first Father’s Day, and other than live plants and mature trees from our local nursery for the garden he loves, I couldn’t think of anything else that he would truly enjoy and use (plus, we already have a miniature forest growing in our postage stamp-sized backyard). But then it hit me. I remembered the time when he schlepped a mile in August over Live Oak roots to an outdoor concert with a cooler strapped to a little red wagon with bungee cords. It was a very MacGyver move, but this year I’m going to liberate him with a cart that will not only transport a cooler—and, possibly, even our newborn—but also allow him to pull it without breaking a sweat.

Moral of the story: Think, think, think about what might make Dear Old Dad’s life easier, more delicious, or more fun, and you’ll win at the giftgiving game. To shop all eighteen of my picks, scroll down. P.S. Happy early Father’s Day, babe!

Sunnydaze Cart

A definite step up from a Red Flyer wagon, and can handle gravel or hot beach sand with equal ease. (And it collapses flat, too). $100;


Oyster and Clam Knife Set

There are two things Dads will never be mad at you for buying them: oyster knives and bourbon. $145;

RD Series 8 x 26 Pocket Binoculars

These binoculars are waterproof and perfect for the boat, the field, or back-porch bird-watching. $80;


Central BBQ Pork Rinds

Gas station snacks these are not. I discovered them on a trip to Memphis to visit my husband’s family, and they are worth every calorie in every crunchy bite. $18;

Antler-Horn Jigger

Shed antler horns are among the most beautiful organic materials in nature. This handmade jigger brings a little bit of the great outdoors’ majesty inside. $48;

Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Ice shapes matter, and this particular pellet elevates everything from sweet tea to slushy summer drinks deliciously. $500;

Pau Hana Big EZ Woody Stand-Up Paddleboard, 11’

Give Dad a break from boat-captaining duty with his very own vessel. $1,300;

Ocearch Performance Dock Shirt

The ideal shirt for a day of deep-sea fishing, the OCEARCH for Southern Tide dock shirt dries quickly, provides UPF 30 sun protection, and the shirttail is lined with microsuede to clean the sea spray off your sunglasses. $125;

Costa Mag Bay Sunglasses

Any fisherman worth his salt will tell you that a pair of Costa polarized glasses will be your best friend on the water. $249;

Alligator Cigar Case

Fine cigars deserve a fine place to live, like this alligator cigar case by Casa Del Rio. $450;

Oyster Grill Pan

Just add lemon, butter, and garlic. $54;

Looftlighter Charcoal Starter

This genius ignition stick takes the tedious waiting time out of lighting a charcoal grill. $63;

Sea Island Forge Kettle and Grill Top

Grill seafood, steaks, burgers, and more with the iron kettle and grill top by Sea Island Forge. $2,210;


Found My Animal Dog Leash

Made from marine-grade rope, these are great leads for training days or everyday. $68; 

Dangerfield Turkey Calls

As beautiful as they are high-performance in the field, handmade Dangerfield turkey calls will stand out next season. $425;

Stelle Audio Go-Go Wireless Speaker

Take this speaker to the beach or to the backyard to enjoy while grilling. $129;

Ultimate BBQ Set

Every tool for every possible grilling use, all in one set. $185;

Gunnar Duffle

This Georgia-made all leather, over-the-shoulder bag is modeled after the classic military shape but sewn in Kodiak leather in Georgia for a lifetime of use. $500;

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