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G&G’s Most Popular Articles of 2018—So Far

18 of the most-read items published this year on

Halfway through 2018, readers’ favorite items on include stories about canines, cougars, and catfish, primers on bacon grease and pickle juice, and photo collections of snowy palm trees and fancy hats. Here are eighteen of the most-viewed items published so far this year:



The Care and Keeping of Bacon Grease

One pound of bacon will release about one cup of fat when cooked, and that grease is liquid gold in the kitchen. Published in February


Ten Ways to Use Leftover Pickle Juice

From cocktails to brines, granitas to cleaning solutions, here are ten chef-approved reasons to savor every last drop in the pickle jar. Published in April

Jacqueline Stofsick and Margaret Houston

Five of the South’s Best Shrimp and Grits

How five Southern restaurants put their own spins on the beloved Lowcountry dish. Published in April

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Osprey Carries Shark Carrying Fish

A Florida photographer captures a rare circle-of-life moment. You have to see the photo. Published in April


One Last Toss

This tearjerker lives up to its billing as “our most heartbreaking Good Dog story ever.” Sad, but so good. Published in January


Do Giant Catfish Really Exist?

Everybody’s heard tales of monster whiskerfish lurking in the deep, dark waters of Southern lakes and rivers. We take a dive in search of the truth. Published in March


Getty Images/Vetta

Do Cougars Roam the Smoky Mountains?

Conventional wisdom declared the big cats extinct long ago. But a number of recent sightings in Tennessee reveals they may be returning—or never left. Published in February


Meet Meghan Markle’s Southern Rescue Dog

Guy the beagle, once abandoned in Kentucky, lives among royalty after the now-Duchess of Sussex adopted him from a Canadian rescue organization. Published in May



Black Bear Encounter, Southern Style

An off-duty firefighter shows how to reason with a wild animal when a black bear wanders onto his porch in the North Carolina mountains. Hearing Jackie Medford shoo the bear alone is worth the click. Published in June


Woody the Very Good Rescue Dog

A family’s yellow Lab plunges into a frigid river to save an overturned boater outside Savannah. Published in March


You Know Your Mama Is Really Southern If…

How many of these traits do you recognize in your mother? Published in May


Catching Up with Widespread Panic’s John Bell

We chatted with Bell ahead of the band’s summer gigs to learn about his plans for the next fest, how the band builds their set lists, and why barbecue sauce is like a fine wine. Published in May


Julia Reed Remembers Barbara Bush

“I met Barbara Bush in the spring of 1989 when I went to the White House to interview her for Vogue. … It should have been a simple task to line up Mrs. Bush, but she was the hardest-to-get interview of any subject during my twenty years at the magazine.” Published in April



A Southern Mama, Remembered

Writer Tommy Tomlinson says goodbye to the woman who gave him a lifetime of memories. Published in February


When Johnny Cash Went to Jail

Fifty years ago, the Man in Black stepped through the gates of Folsom Prison—and changed country music forever. Published in January

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Photo Collections

Scenes from a Rare Snowy Day in Charleston

The Holy City was socked by a rare winter storm. The resulting photos were beautiful. Published in January


Fabulous Hats at Churchill Downs

These spectacular styles spotted over Kentucky Derby weekend proved again that sometimes the best action is off the track. Published in May

Nerissa Sparkman

Step Inside South Carolina’s Drayton Hall

Take a tour of the eighteenth-century estate of the Drayton family and the oldest unrestored historic site open to the public in America. Published in March

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