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Hitting the Road with Penny & Sparrow

As they head out on a new tour, the Texas-based duo share their essential road trip songs

Photo: (From left) Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke of Penny & Sparrow. By Daniel N. Johnson

Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke—known collectively as Penny & Sparrow—have a way with harmonies. The duo’s latest album, Wendigo, showcases their exquisite vocals in a variety of ways, from soft whispers and sparse instrumentals on “The Carmike” to bold, echoing swells on “Well You Know It Ends Well.”

These heartfelt numbers only intensify in a live setting, and as Penny & Sparrow begin their nationwide tour this fall, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to catch the band on stage.  That’s why we asked them to share a collection of ten songs—five from Baxter, five from Jahnke—to provide a soundtrack for the perfect road trip. Read up on their picks below or listen to the whole playlist on Spotify.

“Wah-Wah” by George Harrison

“High energy, mind blowing progressions, so fun to listen to. Easy chorus to belt in the car because it’s an onomatopoeia.” —KJ


“Down By The Water” by The Decemberists

“A rock anthem by a band that loves nature—roll down the window, cue this up, and drive by some lush scenery.” —AB

“Alps” by Novo Amor & Ed Tullett

“Assuming you are starting early and need to stay awake, this song is relaxing falsetto ambient candy for the ears. It also works anytime, not just mornings, because it’s beautiful.” —KJ

“Fresh Squeezed” by Duncan Fellows

“When the sun is awake and you’re with your dudes traveling cross-country, you need a song that be-bops as hard as you do! Look no further.” —AB

“Consideration” by Rihanna feat. SZA
“If this weren’t a playlist, I would just recommend the entire ANTI album because each track moves.” —KJ

“Citywide Rodeo” by The Weepies

“Even road trips aren’t immune to heavy days. Consider this the mid-trip shot to cheer you up if you’re in need.” —AB

“We’re All Waiting” by Lowland Hum

“Quiet and groovy music that serves as a Vic’s VapoRub for the soul.” —KJ

“Busy Earnin” by Jungle

“Sometimes you need to strut your stuff and car-dance. Remember, listener, you’re on a road trip—it’s supposed to be joyful.” —AB

“Cosmic American” by ANAÏS MITCHELL 

“Sometimes you’re the only one awake in the van, barreling through the night, but you want to set a dope, yet contemplative, nap vibe for the posse. This is the prescription for a solid wind down.” —AB

“Matches” by Cash Cash and ROZES

“Good for the last thirty minutes, when you think you can’t do any more driving. This reminds you that you can, and that you are a beautiful empowered person.” —KJ

Penny & Sparrow’s Wendigo is available now via Amazon and iTunes