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Holiday Gift Guide: Little Luxuries Under $350

For those loved ones who have been very good this year


Book those tickets because the world is your oyster again, and this duffle in unexpected navy blue leather by Leatherology will get you where you’re going in style. $315;

Women’s Slippers

Doing the end-of-day happy dance just got a lot more chic thanks to these shearling-lined, hair-on-hide slippers from Laidback London. $145;

Men’s Slippers

Quoddy calls these slippers “dorm boots,” but grown-ups will love them, too, thanks to the fact that they read as both real shoes and comfort-wear. $199;


The elegant etched stars on these champagne flutes by the Vintage List strike a fanciful, festive note for toasting. $74 for four;


This beautiful, oversize nutmeg brown wool topper from Madewell makes for a classic, practical gift in winter. $298;


Every basket design from Swahili Modern looks equal parts art-worthy and functional. We’re fans of this new set that incorporates cattails and recycled plastics. $125;


Add to a collection of flasks for the field, game day, or any day with this handsome option by Sertodo Copper in Texas. $147;


Clever shapes and beautiful colored leathers define the indie brand Minor History, as demonstrated by their Arc silhouette in blue. $165;


Ride the decidedly cozy faux-Sherpa trend with this easy-to-layer vest from Patagonia. $98;


Truly handsome sets of proper steak knives like these walnut and brass stunners from Hudson Grace are a timeless, purposeful gift. $148 for four;

Cake Stand

Show off holiday desserts with one of the many colors available in pure crystal from South Carolina’s Estelle Colored Glass. $225;


The boon of this simple frock from Boden: You can dress it up or down and layer it with a million different things, from vests to blazers to coats. $180;

Belt Buckle

The sculptor Grainger McCoy is the rare artist who is able to translate his large-scale works to smaller and equally beautiful goods such as this quail belt buckle. $250;

Chess Board

Let the holiday games begin with a handmade chess board by the artisans at Goodwood in New Orleans. $185;


We don’t have to tell you that it’s impossible to have “too much cast iron” in a Southern kitchen or that they’re a no-brainer gift for any and every occasion, but if you go for it, invest in this hand-forged classic by Smithey Ironware Co. $200;


Florida’s Rifle Paper Co. teamed up with Summersalt on a collection of pajamas decked out in their beloved florals. $125;

Sculpture Game

Is it a mini Stonehenge? A group of beautiful paperweights? Art for a library bookshelf? It’s all up for interpretation, as the four shapes in this soapstone set from Bloomist are meant for creative stacking and display however you see fit. $98;


Scalloped edges and candy-colored lacquer vie for “best detail” on the delightful new line of wastebaskets from London’s Addison Ross. $185;


Why stop at a cashmere sweater when you could have a sustainable cashmere scarf to match, such as this electric blue beauty from White + Warren. $250;

Fire Tools

Whether corralling logs in an indoor fireplace or keeping things in check at the fire pit outside, no one does handmade tools for the job quite like Georgia’s Sea Island Forge. $140–$210 each;


There is a place for heavy wool sweaters, and most of the time it’s outside the South in, oh, say Maine. That’s why we’re fans of this recycled cotton pullover for men by Wellen. It looks like winter, but you don’t have to crank up the AC to wear it. $128;


When it comes to eye candy for all things tabletop, the linens from D’Ascoli rise at the top. Case in point: these color-drenched micro-floral napkins suited for the hostess who has everything. $100 for four;

Sheepskin Rug

Want to know what would make a sofa a dream to watch movies on, or a bed extra comfortable in winter? This single-pelt sheepskin from Overland. $99;


If someone in your life is a nut for collecting shells, commission a gold-dipped necklace by Hattie Banks. Just mail their beloved auger or coquina north and the workshop does the rest. Looking for one ready to gift? Try this scallop. $250;

Firewood Carrier

Tote logs to whatever hearth you’re tending with this waxed canvas and leather bag by Sturdy Brothers. $138

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