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Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

Thirteen thoughtful gifts for the Southern dad that’ll arrive in next-to-no time

Haskell Harris (@haskellharris) is the style director at Garden & Gun.

Every few months, G&G’s Editor in Chief, Dave DiBenedetto (“DD” to us), arrives in my office to raid the old-school lollipop stash on my desk and to ask me if I know of a company that makes cool notebooks. Yep, notebooks. He’s particular about them, and when he gets to the end of one, he heads to talk to me about a source for another. DD is a dad and I’m sure many other fathers are tired of the legal-pad game, so I’ve included—you guessed it—notebooks in the list of gift ideas below. There are also items that are worth a little more investment, such as the noise-cancelling headphones our Executive Managing Editor Phillip Rhodes swears by. They are like an impenetrable forcefield—the best do-not-disturb sign ever. So you’ll find a well vetted pair on this list, too, because what dad doesn’t deserve a little me time? There’s plenty more, too—more than a dozen gift ideas that can arrive quickly. Shop them all below.

Minimalism Art Classic Notebook

The aforementioned notebooks, which I love because they aren’t overdesigned or cutesy. $11;

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones

These wireless headphones tune out just about everything: Toddler tantrums, annoying co-workers, your neighbor’s weedwhacker, the snoring man next to you on a plane. Did I mention they can arrive in two days? $349;

SimpliGOOD Biodegradable Toothbrushes

Do not scoff at this one! It is a very serious gift for any father whose child likes to torture them with the next big thing in self-care, like I do to my dad. I’ve already introduced him to the wonders of ligament tape and now I’m going to try to get him on the charcoal toothbrush train. The naturally anti-bacterial bristles help whiten teeth and the plant-based handles help keep plastic out of landfills. $10 for 6;

Brass Pour-Over Coffee Dripper Stand with Wood Base

Coffee is as big an obsession for some dads as, oh say, bourbon, and even though drip coffee takes a decade to make one cup, there’s no arguing that it’s delicious. And this beautiful wood is art for the kitchen. $43;

Weber Smokey Mountain Charcoal Cooker 22-Inch

Sitting around watching meat cook slowly is a form of performance art here in the South. Which is exactly why giving one really lucky dad the chance to try out Weber’s new take on the idea will ensure favorite-child status for at least a year. $400;

Fits Light Hiker Outdoor Socks

Giving these socks to a dad is not like giving him a tie. The entire staff at G&G will tell you that these are the only socks you need for a day in the field or on the trail. We’ve all tried them. They’re supportive, they don’t itch, they dry quickly, and—most important—they’re available in sizes, so they live up to their name. $13;

Tumi V3 International Expandable Carry-On

Duffles are fine for weekend trips in a car, but every dad needs a hardcase carry-on for airline travel. Travel tip: Choose a color (not basic black) so you can easily spot your bag on the carousel. $525;

Calypso by David Sedaris

I bought David Sedaris’s new book for my dad after reading him the first chapter out loud over the phone, because we spent our summers in the same place where the majority of this hilarious volume of stories takes place. If your dad likes laughing, get this for him. $15;

Godinger Dublin Whiskey Decanter

There’s something compelling about natural light hitting cut crystal on a bar, and the way it magnifies the color of the whiskey. Or maybe that’s the booze talking. But there’s no argument that decanters like this deliver serious style. $19;

Nylon Braided Eversame Bundle of 5

Plastic cords are ugly. But a long time ago, lighting cords were often wrapped in cloth, which made them more aesthetically pleasing. A similar throwback look is now available for all your modern charging needs. $9;

Charcoal Companion Triple Fish Grilling Basket

This grill accessory is a really a multi-tool. It’s perfect for grilling fresh fish without it falling to pieces, but it’s also great for keeping summer vegetables and watermelon and such from falling into the flames. $15;

Louisville Ladder Extension Ladder 16 Feet

Full disclosure: This is a gift for my husband (and dads like him), who will finally stop borrowing the neighbor’s ladder to tackle rogue limbs hanging over our house or squirrels invading our attic. The fact that this durable, Kentucky-made ladder is bright orange sold me on the idea, because it doesn’t blend into the house as you’re climbing down. $205;


Damascus Folding Knife

Circle 7 stocks beautiful European-import sporting goods like this knife from England’s Purdey & Sons.  $295;

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