Good Dog Photo Contest

Meet the Good Dogs: This Week’s Comebacks

Time is running out to enter the 2018 Good Dog Photo Contest—but these underdogs prove there’s still time to lead the pack

Last week, we checked in on our Good Dog Photo Contest for an update on the pups raking in the most votes. One week later, several of them are still fetching top spots, but plenty of underdogs have since climbed the ranks, too. Below are ten of the dogs that have made the biggest leaps over the last week—a couple of whom have jumped from zero votes to the top 25. It’s a testament to how much this contest can change in just a few days. If you haven’t entered yet, click here to upload a photo of your dog, see all the entries, or vote for your favorite. For an updated list of the top ten Readers’ Choice photos, scroll to the bottom of this page.

We’re accepting entries until 5 p.m. Eastern on October 12, and votes until 5 p.m. Eastern on October 15. G&G editors will select one Grand Prize Winner to appear in the December/January issue of the magazine. In addition, the ten dogs with the most votes will be selected as Readers’ Choice Winners and will be featured on

This Week’s Biggest Comebacks

Name: Raven
Breed: Great Dane
Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
Votes: 431 (Last Week:  36)

Click here to vote for Raven.

Name: Northgate Bridget
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Douglas, Wyoming 
Votes: 298  (Last Week:  79)

Click here to vote for Northgate Bridget.

Name: Nixie
Breed: German Shepherd
Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania
Votes: 261  (Last Week:  103)

Click here to vote for Nixie.

Name: Grady
Breed: English Setter
Marshville, North Carolina
Votes: 247 (Last Week:  89)

Click here to vote for Grady.

Name: Fritz
Breed: Lab Mix
Asheville, North Carolina
Votes: 253 (Last Week:  75)

Click here to vote for Fritz.

Name: Atlas
Breed: Labrador/Mixed breed rescue
Harkers Island, North Carolina
Votes: 251 (Last Week:  0)

Click here to vote for Atlas.

Name: Champ
Breed: Akita
Lake St. Louis, Missouri
Votes: 217 (Last Week:  68)

Click here to vote for Champ.

Name: Jackson Huck
Breed: Golden Retriever 
Atlanta, Georgia
Votes: 217 (Last Week:  72)

Click here to vote for Jackson Huck.

Name: Juel
Breed: Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Votes: 218 (Last Week:  0)

Click here to vote for Juel.

Name: Abigail
Breed: Lab/Bloodhound
Boca Grande, Florida
Votes: 222 (Last Week:  13)

Click here to vote for Abigail.

Top Ten Readers’ Choice Photos
(For Now)

1.  Bentley and Oliver Johnson—St. Simons Island, Georgia (1528 votes)

2. Teddy Waffles—Atlanta, Georgia (1198 votes)

3. Winston Blu—Newnan, Georgia (732 votes)

4. Jenna—Athens, Georgia (648 votes)

5. Jasper—Cocoa, Florida (473 votes)

6. Dandy—St.Matthews, South Carolina (461 votes)

7. Raven—Murrells Inlet, South Carolina (431 votes)

8. Murray—Atlanta, Georgia (340 votes)

9. Finley—Charlotte, North Carolina (339 votes)

10. Northgate Bridget—Douglas, Wyoming (298 votes)