From the Editors

On the Need for Change

G&G’s statement about recent events

At Garden & Gun we’ve always placed a premium on the power of words and the stories those words tell. But as we’ve worked on statements about the unconscionable and tragic death of George Floyd over the past week, we’ve felt our words fell short of advancing the conversation, and most important, a substantive action plan to improve also requires that we need to spend time listening. But this is not a time to be silent. In recognition of the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many others, and in support of the many people who have been protesting peacefully across the country, Garden & Gun acknowledges our enormous debt to African American people. And we recognize that it’s now more important than ever that we work harder to help black voices be heard. This is about people. This is about empathy. Those of us who benefit from privilege must strive to fulfill this country’s long overdue promise of equality and justice. We have much work to do, in the South and across the country. We stand with those who now labor for much-needed change.