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A Salute to the South’s Funniest Twitter Feed

Not following MoonPie? Here’s why you should.

It’s easy to imagine how giving a 100-year-old their own Twitter feed could go horribly wrong. But when the 100-year-old tweeter is MoonPie, the Chattanooga-born marshmallow sandwich, the resulting social media experience is nothing short of magnificent.

MoonPie’s tweets are equal parts wisdom …




… and wisecracks.




Sometimes, MoonPie is a shoulder to cry on.



Or a pen pal.


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But mostly, MoonPie’s tweets are just tough love.



With nearly 58,000 followers, MoonPie is also what they call a social media “influencer,” like TED Talks or the Kardashians if they were also dipped in chocolate. This tweet got more than 16,000 retweets and 43,000 likes.



And when MoonPie told everyone to wish this cat named MoonPie happy birthday, 2,800 people did it.



One thing you’ll rarely see in MoonPie’s tweets is punctuation.



Since it’s hard to believe that MoonPie never learned grammar in all of those 100 years, we can assume that MoonPie is choosing not to punctuate, like the kids do. Or maybe it’s because MoonPie has no thumbs? We can only guess on this one.

So if you ever wished that big moon face on the package could talk to you from your lunchbox, or if you are estranged from your parents but still need some good advice that might hurt your feelings sometimes, but is still good advice, may we suggest you follow MoonPie on Twitter ASAP?

But here’s a pro tip: Never, under any circumstances, underestimate MoonPie on Twitter, because MoonPie will absolutely bury you. It happened to us.



And it really happened to Hostess.


Prolific, delicious, and not afraid to talk back. MoonPie, we salute you.