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Spirit of the Season

Three bourbons to give for the holidays

Photo: Tim Bower

Wine always gets the job done, but why not choose a bottle of Kentucky’s finest to up your host- or hostess-gift game? We asked Moonshine University founder David Dafoe to recommend three bourbons that are special enough to give as a thank-you without breaking the bank.

Elijah Craig 12
“People think you have to pay a lot of money for good bourbon, but that’s just not true. Those people might pass this one by, and it would be a mistake. It’s a great twelve-year-old product, and it isn’t that expensive.” ($32)

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength
“This is an interesting product. The proof varies by barrel depending on different factors in the aging process. I like to drink it straight, with one big ice cube.” ($64)

Old Forester Signature
“This comes from the only distillery under the same ownership before, during, and after Prohibition. They’ve been making it a long time, and I always tell people that they’ve got it right.” ($25/liter)