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Spruce Up Your Porch in Style

It’s the perfect time of year to refresh your outdoor living spaces

In my opinion, there are two months of the year in the Deep South when sitting on a porch sounds heavenly: October and April. Other temperate months can be lovely, too, but for those who fear, say, swarms of mosquitoes and sweating, right now is the perfect time to create an outdoor sanctuary for enjoying your morning coffee, evening cocktails, and weekend reading.

Enter Beth Lacefield, the mastermind behind Lacefield Designs in Atlanta, a company that got its start in the fabric world more than a decade ago and quickly became known for very clever throw pillows, including UV-protected, weather-resistant outdoor options with details usually reserved for the living room: fringe, trim, arresting patterns and prints. Here are three takeaways from Lacefield.

Outside Doesn’t Have to Mean Uncomfortable

Some of my current favorites from Lacefield’s collection include outdoor velvets (yes, velvet for the outdoors!). 

photo: Lacefield Designs

Of the velvets, Lacefield says, “Everyone is cocooning right now, even outside. And while the velvet-flanged outdoor pillows are child and pet friendly, they have an indoor fabric quality and comfort.” 

When It Comes to Containers, Keep It Simple

On her own porch, Lacefield also favors containers from Atlanta’s Bobo Intriguing Objects. They mesh well with any natural environment, she explains, and look great with the boxwoods she keeps year-round (as well as planted with seasonal touches like cabbage and mums for fall). 

photo: Courtesy of Romence Gardens

Nod to Nature When You Can

Lacefield is especially partial to vintage faux bois pieces—a novel way to create a transition from the indoors, out. “I love it in any form, she says of the imitation wood effect. “I love anything traditional with a little twist.”