What's in Season

What’s in Season: Spring Greens

Early leaves pack a tasty punch

Illustration: John Burgoyne


Chef Fry likes to serve his seafood paella with a big salad. In March, watercress, with its dainty leaves and distinct bite, is a great green. It grows well in the South—in fact, in the 1940s, New Market, Alabama, was named the Watercress Capital of the World. A member of the mustard family, it has an impressive kick and pairs nicely with a lemon vinaigrette dressing. Or tuck it into sandwiches to add a flavorful crunch.

Belgian Endive

This lettuce variety is a member of the chicory family (the root is used to make chicory coffee in Louisiana). The smooth cylindrical leaves are often compared to celery, but with a little more bitterness. If you’re lucky enough to have a farmers’ market that’s open in March, look for it there. Otherwise, ask around local green markets or specialty food stores. Braise endive with lemon, butter, and herbs, or plate it raw as a salad topped with vinaigrette, blue cheese, and walnuts.