Amanda Heckert

Amanda Heckert is a deputy editor at Garden & Gun. A native of Inman, South Carolina, she previously served as the editor in chief of Indianapolis Monthly and as a senior editor at Atlanta magazine. She lives in Charleston with her husband, Justin, and their dog, Cooper.

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Based on a book by the culinary historian Jessica B. Harris, the new Netflix series celebrates the influence of African American culture and ingenuity on the country’s cuisine

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The longtime CNN news anchor and Atlanta native bids goodbye to her news job and hello to her new book, Huddle

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Baltimore’s sweet summer tradition goes back more than a century

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Everything you need to know to master the Run for the Roses

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New Orleans insiders reveal what’s really on their tables—and bars—during Carnival

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Austin, Texas, photographer and entrepreneur Jay B. Sauceda shares glimpses of his home state


A Bloody Bull is an even richer spin on a Bloody Mary. Make it batch-style, like one G&G writer’s family, and prepare to bowl over your party guests

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How the Greenville, South Carolina artist found her purpose in a paintbrush

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Notables such as Emmylou Harris and Ethan Hawke hop in the back of Elvis Presley’s Rolls-Royce to muse on the rocker and America in a new documentary